Roxana’s Reporting

Special thanks to Kevin Bardool for compiling this!

1) Muslim Clerics Bar Liberals from Iran Elections – by Madeleine Brand

Day to Day, January 12, 2004 · NPR’s Madeleine Brand talks with Roxana Saberi, a journalist in Tehran, Iran, about the move by Muslim clerics to bar liberals from running in the upcoming elections and the protests that have followed.

2) ‘The Lizard’ Raises Eyebrows in Iran – by Steve Inskeep

Morning Edition, May 13, 2004 · A new movie is selling out theaters in Iran but angering some of the country’s religious leaders. Government censors delayed the release of The Lizard, and some leading clerics want it banned altogether .. Hear NPR’s Steve Inskeep and journalist Roxana Saberi.

1) Iran’s New Leader Vows to Restart Nuclear Program – by Roxana Saberi

Morning Edition, June 27, 2005 · Iran’s conservative president-elect, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has vowed to restart the nation’s controversial nuclear program and warned European negotiators that building trust requires a mutual effort.

2) Iranian Military Plane Crashes into Tehran Building – by Roxana Saberi

Morning Edition, December 6, 2005 · An Iranian military transport plane crashed Tuesday into an apartment building as it was attempting to land at a Tehran airport, killing all 94 people on board and more than two dozen occupants of the building. I ranian state television described the cause of the crash as a technical failure.

3) Plane Crash in Tehran Kills More than 100 – by Roxana Saberi

All Things Considered, December 6, 2005 · A military transport plane carrying Iranian journalists plows into an apartment complex in Iran’s capital city, Tehran. The crash leaves more than 100 dead and dozens more injured.


1) Reaction in Iran to Possible U.N. Sanctions

Day to Day, February 2, 2006 · Alex Chadwick speaks with correspondent Roxana Saberi, reporting from the Iranian capital of Tehran, on reactions within the nation to news of possible international sanctions because of Iran’s reactivated uranium enrichment program.

2) Iran Provides Money to Palestinian20Government

Morning Edition, April 17, 2006 · Iran is giving the Hamas-led Palestinian government $50 million in aid. Renee Montagne speaks with reporter Roxana Saberi in Tehran about the donation’s importance. They also talk about Iran’s resistance to international pressure to stop its nuclear program.

3) Iran Bans Women from Attending Men’s Soccer Games – by Roxana Saberi

Morning Edition, May 17, 2006 · Iranian women soccer fans are devastated following a decision by Iran’s Supreme Leader that women are not allowed to watch men’s soccer games in person. This decision comes just a month after Iran’s President said women are allowed to watch soccer matches at stadiums.

4) Iranians Urged to Dress More Conservatively – by Roxana Saberi

Day to Day, October 18, 2006 · The government of Iran is considering a stricter interpretation of Islamic law that would encourage citizens to wear more traditional clothing. Roxana Saberi reports from Tehran.

5) Iran Moves on Enrichment Despite Sanctions -by Roxana Saberi and Renee Montagne

Morning Edition, December 27, 2006 · The U.N. Security Council passed sanctions against Iran last weekend in an attempt to hinder the Islamic country’s nuclear program. Iran has vowed to continue its uranium enrichment activities despite the sanctions.

U.S. & Iran Relations – by Neal Conan and Mike Shuster

Talk of the Nation, May 28, 2003 · Accusations of developing a nuclear weapons program and harboring al Qaeda — sounds like the case against Iraq? Try Iran. Join host Neal Conan and guests for a discussion on what’s next in chilly relations between Washington and Tehran. Guests: Roxana Saberi (Tehran Correspondent and Bureau Chief for Feature Story News); Mike Shuster (NPR Correspondent); Rob Sobhani (Adjunct professor of U.S. foreign policy at Georgetown University).

IAEA Chief to Visit Iran for Nuke Talks, July 1, 2003 · Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, will travel to Iran next week to hold talks on the country’s nuclear programs. News of the trip comes as Tehran faces growing international pressure to accept stricter inspections of its nuclear facilities. Roxana Saberi reports.

Fighting Against Discrimination in Iran

Day to Day, September 9, 2003 · The United Nations has issued a resolution aiming to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. Some reformists in Iran would like their country to be a part of the U.N. resolution — Roxana Saberi reports from Tehran.

Weapons Inspectors Assess Iran’s Nuke Program

Day to Day, Novemb er 7, 2003 · International nuclear weapons inspectors meet this weekend to assess Iranian progress in opening its nuclear weapons programs to outside observers. Reporter Roxana Saberi reports from Iran on how the government is reacting to international pressure.

Relief Efforts Take Hold in Iran (after massive earthquake in southern part of country)

All Things Considered, December 31, 2003 · Relief efforts continue in Iran following last Friday’s earthquake, as soldiers pull four more people alive from the rubble Wednesday. Relief supplies and emergency workers are still arriving in the region surrounding the city of Bam, where many survivors are now living in tents. NPR’s Melissa Block talks with Roxana Sabieri, Tehran correspondent for Feature Story News.


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