Fast for Roxana Participants

Sunday, May 3: Day #1

Jessica Desvarieux
Cairo, Egypt
* There is a powerful collective force established when a group shows solidarity. As a fellow journalist living abroad, I would like to show support for Ms. Saberi and all of those seeking the truth amidst the darkness. Our efforts will not be in vain.

Heidi LeBaron
Heights, UT, USA
* Friday, May 1, I graduate with my BS in Journalism. I am fasting for her this month to support the cause of reporting truth and upholding justice.

Daryoush Khavarian
Tehran, Iran
* She is innocent. She has become a victim of Islamic Mollahs.

Nick Rice
Mendham, NJ, USA

Tiffany Ray
Lagrange, KY, USA
* For years I’ve wanted to be a journalist who brings truth to people not by sitting at a computer and typing the information given to me, but by going out there and getting it. I know the risks and it’s the life I will pursue, and Roxana’s story only strengthens my want. This is a terrible injustice that I can’t ignore. The world is broken enough. I can’t just know her story and go on living like I don’t, and it’s upsetting how a lot of people can. I would gladly surrender my strength so that Roxana may regain hers. She is the one who needs it most right now.

Shyquyna El-Hunt
Baltimore, MD.
* I am an American Muslim and feel that the government over there is off by a long shot. They need to have faith in our president to do what’s right. Not to be sneaky like the presidents before him.

Edward Hall III
New Orleans, LA, USA

Clara Lingle
Evanston, IL, USA

Sarah Norris
Chicago, IL, USA
* Journalism is not a crime.

Kathryn Grayson
Amherst, MA, USA
* I support Roxana and her innocence; please free Roxana. She is journalist not a spy.

Andrew Hunt
Bristol, TN, USA
* This has gone on for far too long. She must be set free.

Vic Levinson
Evanston, IL, USA
* Free Roxana! Enough with the Iranian oppression!

Kimberly Howard
St. Paul, MN, USA
* I am concerned about Ms. Saberi’s safety & well being. I am so upset that she is imprisoned in Iran. I have been emailing & speaking with everyone I know about her & others imprisoned without just cause. I have also emailed US Senators, the UN, State Department, and Iranian government officials demanding her immediate release. I hope that all US citizens realize how crucial this situation is, we must speak out & raise our voices to stop such injustice. Truth will prevail, peace be with you.

Heidi Ernst Jones
Santa Fe, NM, USA
* I want to support Roxana’s cause and make sure she safely returns from this ordeal.

Leila Nafissi
Sacramento, CA, USA

Adam Whiteley
Beloit, WI, USA

Mary Jacobson
Saint Paul, MN, USA

Marta Marvilly
Venice, Italy

Marjorie Garwood
Atlanta, GA, USA

Konstantina Zoehrer
Athens, Greece
* Justice

Alexis Grant
Albany, NY, USA
* I support Roxana because freedom of the press is important to all of us. If it weren’t for journalists like Roxana, we wouldn’t have news out of places like Iran.

Pedram Karbassi
Walnut Creek, CA, USA
* It is unjust from the Iranian Regime to make accusations against Roxana Saberi without a fair trial, and convict her to 8 year in prison.

Andrea Grimes
Austin, TX, USA
* I am a feminist and a journalist, and this is slightly more meaningful than reTweeting Roxana news all the time.

Jamila Bey
Washington, DC, USA
* I knew Roxana when we were at NPR in 2001. She is a wonderful person and an inspiration to every young female journalist in the world. I have been fasting sporadically (I am nursing) in solidarity with her, and I will continue to do so until her safe release.

Marian Cowhig Owen
Greensboro, NC, USA

A. Carrillo
El Monte, CA, USA
* I am asking the Iranian government to free Roxana. I am a teacher in support of world press freedom.

Jane Evans
Hastings on Hudson, NY, USA
* It’s the right thing to do and Roxana needs an enormous show of support.

David Ellison
Houston, TX, USA
* As a U.S. citizen and a former reporter recently laid off, I support freedom of the press. And my most important reason: FREE ROXANNA!!!

Marilyn Oakes
Seattle, WA, USA
* I’m not sure that I agree with Ms Saberi’s decision to hunger strike, but as well I hope that perhaps international pressure takes hold and forces Iran into freeing her … but that kind of power is slow moving, and I’m not interested in her dying for this. Much better to keep alive and active as she can as her supporters work for her release … in any case, that being said, I’m willing to do what I can to work for her release as well. This is a good way to demonstrate solidarity and talk about the wrongness of jailing any journalist for reporting any truth that is evident.

Zohreen Adamjee
West Hollywood, CA, USA
* I am fasting in support for Roxanna because I too want to be an international reporter one day… and I hope that what is happening to her never happens to anyone else in that amazing profession. Very sad what’s happening.

Rainy Day
Rocky Mount, VA, USA

K. Devine
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
* Hunger strikes have been an important political tool for decades. It’s harder to abuse frail prisoners and nobody wants a corpse on their doorstep, so to speak. I hope that our effort lets Saberi know she is not alone, and lets Iran know that the international community is watching.

Karyn Tilton
Livingston, MT, USA
* She is a former college teammate and friend. Her conviction is a farce.

Lucy Ladley
Overland Park, KS, USA
* Freedom of speech in journalism is of the utmost importance to me. I have heard stories of how journalists are tortured, imprisoned or killed in other countries. I can not allow myself to be complacent & think this freedom could be lost in my own country. God bless & protect journalists & the freedom they represent.

Carol Zuegner
Omaha, NE, USA
* It’s a small way of putting what I talk about in classes into practice. I value freedom of the press and journalism enough to try to do my part.

Isha Tohill
Evanston, IL, USA
* The more people to spread the word, the more support for Roxana!

Lorraine Doyle
Albuquerque, NM, USA
* Journalist or spy, Iran is using her for their demonizing of US and the US is using her to demonize Iran. Let’s stop this unnecessarily unproductive name calling and initiate real diplomatic contacts.

Rachel Ivashchuk
Hunter, ND, USA
* Roxana seems to have been unjustly persecuted. It is no person’s right to “play” GOD and that is exactly what the judge has done. He has taken the opportunity to “get even” with someone or something and unfortunately has not been professional in his ruling. He must know that a person is involved. But it appears that he has decided that he is a higher power and is not required to abide by the same human laws that everyone is subject to. It is an absolute disgrace and he has done far more damage than he evidently knows. I do not normally get involved in things like this. However, this is hitting too close to home. Not just for the fact that her and I have grown up in the same area. She has proven to be the “better” person in the situation. This judge must be overruled.

Jack Doppelt
Evanston, IL, USA
* I want Roxana to know that we are thinking of her, that we are behind her completely, and that she should be strong and take some comfort in knowing that we’re with her.

Kathy Greathouse
Prosper, TX, USA

Andy McBride
Bellingham, WA, USA
* I support Roxana Saberi, a free, vibrant and independent press, the rule of law, and person to person diplomacy. The saber rattling between the U.S. and Iran must end. We have common ground as human beings and human societies. I recognize that fasting is a powerful means of protest. I honor Roxana Saberi’s courage and strength, but I want her to retain her strength and health and return to us. Additionally, I will fast in honor of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, American journalists detained in North Korea.

Cris Smothers
New Orleans, LA, USA
* I am fasting for Roxanna for as many days as it takes until she is freed. I am horribly hurt by the tragic murder of Delara Darabi a innocent artist and poet who was hanged just a day ago in Iran. Delara had been given a 2 month stay but they lied and dragged her out screaming, “Im innocent” until her last breath. Why? To show us they can. What will they do to Roxanna if we don’t stop them?

Valinda Norton
Asheboro, NC, USA
* She could be my daughter and I would need others to help. And our United States Government needs to get serious about this imprisonment of American Women.

Scherie G.
Chicago, IL, USA
* I feel a sense of shame and embarassment at the inaction of the Obama Administration. I’m fasting for freedom, for individual rights and for those who are willing to present the truth about this horrendous, amoral nation. You are in my thoughts Roxana. I cannot imagine the environment you are in. But do know you are not forgotten by American citizens. Do not give up!!
Dieter Bölter
Cologne, Germany
* I hope that as someone begins to think. I like the Iranian people. I dont like the Iranian leadership. Since apparently everyone can do whatever he wants. There is no constitutional control bodies. Almost like we were in the GDR.

Joan Petit
Cairo, Egypt

Patricia Reber
Ft. Myers, FL, USA
* We need to stand together to help her so that she can get free.

Rebecca Young
Mountain View, CA, USA
* I’ve been following Roxana’s situation for months and want to do anything I can to help win her release. She is wrongly imprisoned, and I worry greatly for her health and safety.

Jason Kulio
Truro, MA, USA
* Iran is unjust in it’s reaction to Roxana,
she was sentanced to a crime she wasn’t even charged with.
I hope she will be released soon.

Robert Reber
Ft. Myers, FL, USA
* It is the right thing to do.

Grant Kettering
Streamwood, IL, USA

Hassan Nayeb Hashem
Vienna, Austria

Drew Bush
Washington, DC, USA
* I”m fasting today for Roxanna, in the hopes the Iranian government
will recognize the importance of a truly free and open press and drop
these false charges. However, the real message I hope we’re sending is
that citizens around the world support the work of our journalists who
have risked their lives for the betterment of our world, communities
and lives.

Libby Casey
Washington, DC, USA

Haleh Farmanara
Crofton, MD, USA
* The Islamic republic of Iran is a disgrace to humanity. They kill our young without any problems what so ever. Stop this madness; free you hearts from hate and greed and you’ll see we will have a better world to live in. There is enough for all of us. Free this young lady; she has not done anything wrong. Why are you so intimidated by women???

Stephen Leftwich Sr.
Chapmansboro, TN, USA
* I believe in freedom of the press to report what’s happening in our world
today. With all the issues before us globally we cannot, indeed, must not let innocence
of fair processes or basic human treatment, become a focus away from the
very freedoms taken away from Roxana.

Edward Alexander
Arctic Village, AK, USA
* Free speech and investigative journalism is under worldwide threat from extremists and multi-national corporations. Without the light of sound journalism the world descends into the darkness of irresponsibility and ignorance.

Shaun Sjostrom
Portland OR, USA

Mori Vittorio
Roma, Italy
* libertà e diritti civili.

Monday, May 4 – Day #2

Raya Rozenberg
Antwerpen, Belgium
* Freedom of press and Roxana’s return safe to her family

Neva Cavataio
Portland, OR, USA
* I want to help make people aware of Roxana’s plight.

Juan Alicea
Medford, NY, USA
* Having heard Roxana’s reporting on NPR numerous times, I have a connection and loyalty to her. Her professionalism is beyond reproach. It is unconscionable that Roxana’s credibility has been called into question in such an opaque process. Roxana’s imprisonment cries out the conscience of all good people.

Golshan Javadian
Fayetteville, NC, USA

Micah Ariel
Chicago, IL, USA

Marit Nelson
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Juanita Benedicto
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
* When people come together to fight injustice, there’s exponential power behind their cause. I believe in advocacy and the dissemination of information. I don’t want these basic rights to be taken from journalists and, in turn, from the rest of us.

Ernesta Hammersmith
Bozeman, MT, USA

Regina Leopold
Louisville, KY, USA
* I also used to be a journalist, although for a small town paper. I cannot imagine something like this happening to me or someone close to me.

Michelle Hetzler
Dallas, TX, USA
* I support this effort because I am a Roxana Saberi fan. I have listened to her reporting on NPR for years. She is a fine, upstanding young woman who does not deserve this heavy handed treatment from the Iranian government. This fast is something I can do to maybe make a difference in the outcome of her false imprisonment.

Christina Paschyn
Parma, OH, USA
* As a fellow journalist and graduate of Medill, I support Roxana Saberi.

Mary Jo Jurney
Glenview, IL, USA

Mari Kurisato
Denver, CO, USA
* Roxana Saberi has done nothing wrong, and it’s a human rights violation to treat her as she has been, but she is not alone.

Jon Marshall
Wilmette, IL USA
* As a member of the Northwestern University faculty and a fellow journalist, I believe we should show solidarity with Roxana.

Shari Weiss
Evanston, IL, USA

Allison Grant
Dansville, NY, USA

Madeleine Bair
Oakland, CA, USA
* I am a fellow journalist, and the silencing of one journalist is a threat to all of us who do this work and a blow to freedom of the press around the world.

Margo Melnicove
Boston, MA, USA
* I was Roxana’s mentor when she first got into public radio. Like Pres. Obama, I know the espionage charges against her are “baseless.” I found about about your website from Jack Doppelt. As a Medill alum, I am especially proud of and grateful to all of you for doing this. Thank you, with all my heart.

Sarah Harlow
Houston, TX, USA
* The injustices that Roxana Saberi has endured should never be placed on anyone’s shoulders. I pray for all to be made right, for her and for others in her position.

Kristi Rendahl
Saint Paul, MN, USA
* Roxana and I were college classmates. While my fast will do nothing to secure her release, it will be a symbolic act of solidarity as she struggles against injustice and political scheming.

Kathy Duan
Chicago, IL, USA

Duncan Moon
Anchorage, AK, USA
* I am a former NPR staff correspondent who wants to show solidarity.

Owen Falke
Brooklyn, NY, USA
* Fasts are an opportunity for reflection – on oneself, on a cause, on a purpose and a reason for being. They are motivating and focusing.

Shahar Shlomi
Mill Valley, CA, USA
* Interviewing people and writing about it is not spying. Iranians should be more sensitive to individuals’ liberties.

Karen Lugo Esq.
Riverside, CA, USA
* Freedoms of speech and liberty are core universal fundamental rights. Americans have championed due process before liberty can be taken. We must stand with Roxana in protest of the violation of all these basic freedoms. We must demand her release and spotlight her valiant fight. We support her and fast in solidarity with her. I am working with a group that has already been chain fasting for Roxana. Have encouraged them to join this effort and sign up here. We are stronger if working together and mighty in support of Roxana.

Sam Barrett
Chicago, IL, USA
* Some things are too important to ignore. Roxana is fighting not only for her rights, but for the rights of journalists and for the basic freedoms we take for granted.

Mary Lou Welz
Rochester, NY, USA
* I think I can do it with some heavy liquids like V-* and Fusion—THE CHALLENGE

Bradley Hummel
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
* Because she was wrongfully imprisoned. Period.

Anders Wells
Atlanta, GA, USA
* The government of Iran needs to understand that the truth is not a crime. Imprisoning a journalist who has done nothing but tell the truth is an evil act. And I truly believe that God will judge it as so.

Evan DeBarra
London, England
* Roxana is a person who, to me, represents individual and press freedom in the face of unjust accusations. As well as fasting for a day, I have also written to the Iranian ambassador in London to plead her case. I wish Roxana strength in her protest and hope she will be free very soon.

Matthew Neal
Elida, OH, USA
* I want to do anything possible to get attention for Ms. Saberi’s cause. I am saddened every moment that passes that she remains in prison. I want the whole world to know that Roxana is on the mind of many Americans and that we will not forget about her.

Kristie Ashton
Raleigh, NC, USA
* I believe in freedom of speech. I was also a soccer player and appreciate Roxana’s athleticism. She is obviously a strong woman physically and mentally. If she can fast 12 days, I can do one. I support her.

Jonathan Miller
Nairobi, Kenya

Faith Christiansen Smeets
Phoenix, AZ, USA
* For justice and the freedom of information.

Kristen Farlow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* Journalists are so important. They go out into the world and bring back the stories we need to hear.

Rebecca Rendahl
Raleigh, NC, USA

Anna B.
DeKalb, IL, USA

Ron Leuty
San Francisco, CA, USA
* Standing together!

Dorothea Schulz
Chicago, IL, USA
* Free Roxana!

Tricia Gleason
Brentwood, NY, USA
* To take a stand for justice and against oppression.

Baharak Keshani
Tehran, Iran

Matthew Castens
New Hope, MN, USA
* To protest the treatment of Roxana, and all political prisoners

Denise Kreps
San Diego, CA, USA
* When one voice is silenced
Where one person is chained
When one creed is hated
Where nothing but fear remains
We are all diminished.

Brenda Dissette
Chicago, IL, USA
* I do not believe that anyone should be held for uncovering the truth.

Nancy Roseo
Edison, NJ, USA
* Freedom – 1st amendment – Journalists only report the truth!! Not Spy

Mary McDonough
Phoenix, AZ, USA
* I pray that Roxana comes home safe and soon. God Bless, Roxana. She is in our prayers.

Adam Gardner Mr.
Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
* I support the honor and integrity of journalists, journalism, and moreover the reverence demanded by the written word in all forms.

Sharon Campbell
Denver, CO, USA
* I am very concerned that Roxanna did nothing wrong! The government of Iran has falsely accused her spying. I am joining with Roxanna in her hunger strike.

Evalinde Eelens
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dusty Brackett
Springfield, IL, USA
* To show Roxanne she is not alone and we suffer along with her.

Leah Asplund
Plymouth, MN, USA
* Roxana deserves the support.

Tati Simmi
Rome, Italy
* We need to be only one voice to affirm free press and human rights.

Katherine Bair
Warren, OH, USA
* I believe in civilized, reasonable interactions among humans, and freedom of speech. I want Roxanna and her family, to know that she does not stand, or fast and suffer, alone. Also to prove to the Iranian government’ that this cruel insanity they practice of imprisoning (or worse) anyone they choose, will not be tolerated. Wrong will fail and right prevail.

Jay Stange
Fairbanks, AK, USA
* I believe this journalist is innocent of the charges against her and I don’t like to see anyone used as a political pawn by any country, whether it’s the United States or Iran. We people must hold these two governments accountable for cowardly actions against individuals. I choose to send strength to Ms. Saberi this week.

Theresa Smith
Seattle, WA, USA
* Free Roxana!

Tuesday, May 5: Day #3

Adam Mayes
London, England
* Because in a world where we can fight injustice, we must fight it.

Lizzie Niezen
Aventura, FL, USA
* She’s a female pawn, being used in a political game between nations. Poor girl!

Eric Pillischer
Commack, NY, USA
* Saw her picture, couldn’t believe that they’d arrested her on such an obviously trumped up charge, tired of watching them turn everything on its head and don’t want them to do it to her.

Bill Murphy
Houston, TX, USA

Alan Nunez
Ridgefield, NJ, USA
* I am moved by her situation. People I respect are moved by her situation as well (Chris Anderson, TED).

Maegan Roudabush
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Piotr Trzesniowski
Berlin, Germany
* We live in the 21st century now and the personal freedom, just like the freedom of speech and press, should be respected. Miss Saberi cannot be left alone in this manifestation of appalling injustice.

Christina Cuenat
New Orleans, LA, USA
* The injustice hits home.

Pouyan Roxanadust
New York City, NY, USA
* I believe Roxana is innocent.

Gabrielle Roudabush
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
* Freedom from government tyranny is one of the most powerful rights granted to American’s in their Constitution. We have to make our voices heard for all of those, like Roxana, who have no rights in countries like Iran. We have been given so much and it’s part of our obligation as world citizens to promote the cause of liberty and freedom everywhere.

Christine Roberts
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* People should be free to write, print whatever they want. Not be forced to write what the government wants. Just as long as it is the truth. Not this made up tabloid stuff.

Sara Hall
Vail, CO, USA
* Roxana is a beatuiful and intelligent woman who has made an effort to help the world see the Iranian people in a positive light. That the Iranian legal system have the audacity to undermine that is absolutely abhorrent.

Kellie Baker
Kingsport, TN, USA
* Because it’s wrong for them to still be holding her in prison. My thoughts and prayers are with Roxanna and her family, and I will be fasting on May 5th to show her my support.

Byron Kerman
St. Louis, MO, USA
* Freedom, baby. I am a Northwestern Medill grad (BSJ ‘93) also. It could be me in that jail for no reason.

Lisa Ruth
Tucson, AZ, USA

Indigo C.
Tahoe, NV, USA

Alyssa Gaggino
Royal Oak, MI, USA

Victoria Capon
Glendale, AZ USA
* Free Roxana!

Adam Whiteley
Beloit, WI, USA

Astrid Jacobi

Victoria Capon
Glendale, AZ, USA
* Free Roxana.

Mary Coffman
Washington, DC, USA
* Roxana was my student at Northwestern’s Medill D.C. ten years ago. I knew then she would be an exceptional journalist and she is. I hope this small gesture will offer her hope.

Katharine Holt
Chattanooga, TN, USA
* Roxanna has committed no crime, she and her family deserve their lives back. My heart goes out to her and her fellow political prisoners. The Evin Prison is notorious for their practices of brutal torture, the likes of which President Obama would turn pale and vomit. That my president leaves this woman to rapists, murderers and unlawful sadists makes me ill. I want her to see freedom. I want her family to come home with her. I want her to be a priority.

Minna Turunen
Joensuu, Finland

Cooper Vertz
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
* Helps promote regime change in Iran.

Rev. Anthony Gamblin D.Div
Tecumseh, OK, USA
* Iran has treated Roxana terribly, and such grave miscarriages of justice can not be allowed to happen. I am fasing and praying for Roxana’s release. May God bless her.

Dena Pettyjohn
Huntsville, AL, USA
* It is an absolute injustice when our American citizens are detained for basic human rights. I will not support this unjust detention of one of our own, when my own husband fights for the freedom and rights of our country daily. I will join Roxanna in her fast, and want her to know she is never ever alone. You are in our prayers Roxanna, and we serve to give you a voice.

Nira Penn
Cali, Colombia
* I believe in the work that Roxana is doing. As a teacher and a writer, I feel that anyone who can stand with her should because any one of us could be in her place. My prayers are with her and with all who are united to fast on her behalf.

Joshua Kilroy
Chicago, IL, USA
* I am appalled by Roxana’s treatment by the Iranian government.

Obalid Younan
* Freedom of Speech.

Stephen Warcup
Las Vegas, NV, USA
* For The Freedom of all, And for Roxana Saberi.

A Friend
London, England

Mariella Regoli
Roma, Italy
* Sono una giornalista italiana. Le mie ragioni sono :giustizia e libertà

Jessica Huitt
Bossier City, LA, USA

Francesco Randazzo
Rome, Italy
* Freedom, democracy, human rights.

Molly Johannes
Byron, MN, USA
* I don’t believe she could possibly have gotten a fair trial, and the world needs to be aware of her plight.

David Proctor
Dundee, UK
* A free press is an essential component of every society that respects human rights. Roxana has done her part, and I’d like to lend any support that I can.

Dawn Bland
Durham, NC, USA
* “This is my forth day of Hunger Strike against Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions, Torture of Prisoners, Stoning Sentences, Execution of juvenile offenders, Numerous Death Penalties and to Support ROXANA SABERI and all other political Prisoners and others who resist against a managed presidential “election” and for free and fair elections in IRAN.” -Hassan Nayeb Hashem

Mariano Fenudi
Camaiore, Lucca, Italy

Bill Napolillo
Inverness, IL, USA
* I’m willing to do anything I can to support and help free Roxana from this outrageous human rights violation.

Francesca De Benedetti
Bologna, Italy

Elinor Ellsworth
New York City, NY, USA
* Believe strongly in proper hearings for anyone who is dissenting.

Antonio Ghiotti
Ancona, Italy

Abraham Morales-Miranda
Columbia Heights, MN, USA
* Why are they treating her any different? Why the goverment haven’t done more like they did with the pirates case? because SHE is a WOMAN??? NOOOOO..

Daniel S.
Boston, MA, USA
* Freedom of the press is extremely important and Roxana was unjustly arrested. I heard many of her reports on NPR and she was a well-respected journalist. I hope that this will send a message to Iran and other countries that harass and arrest journalists.

Harald Bonura
Catania, Italy
* Free roxana, please…

Cinzia Dicorato
Barletta, Puglia, Italy
* E’ necessario sosternere ed aiutare Roxana Saberi, aderisco alla campagna con il mio giorno di digiuno, per lei e per tutte le donne che come lei vivono questo dramma.

Amber Deaton D
Newport News, VA, USA
* I just heard about this and I think that what she’s undergoing is deplorable, and I cannot even imagine being in such a position. By fasting, even though the act doesn’t Directly benefit her, I can feel like I am supporting her the best way I know how, other than writing a letter, as this website suggests, to Iran’s ambassador, which I plan on doing, post-haste, in the morning.

Abgela Ragland
Louisville, KY, USA
* I think that she is wrongly jailed. There is nothing illegal that this woman did.

Bill Kuhfuss
Willow Grove, PA, USA

Anna Roccotelli
Turin, Italy
* Safety.

Stacey Flowerdew
Sacramento, CA, USA
* I have long admired Ms. Saberi for her freelance news stories on NPR and PRI and was aghast when I learned that she had been detained in Iran. She is clearly being made an example of given that she is an American journalist and female. The actions of the Iranian government disgust me. Please free this innocent woman.

Richard Marsh Jr.
Charlotte, NC, USA
* Because the Obama Administration apparently will not do enough to stand up to Iran, and not in time to save this woman, and correct this injustice. By the way, to all of the journalists reading this, doesn’t Roxana’s continued imprisonment seem to be a major crisis and a test of Presidential leadership? A statement from the chief of staff (Mr. Emanuel) that links U.S. opposition to Iran’s nukes to Israel’s willingness to make additional concessions to the Palestinians should be a major scandal. O.K., perhaps Emanuel’s statement is secretly the price of freeing Roxana – that would okay, as long as the deal is closed successfully. But if there is no “behind the scenes” deal to free Roxana, then she is now doomed, and Emanuel/Obama has just made a feckless gambit. Netanyahu is stronger than his predecessors, and Israeli public opinion supports his hard line. So, it is up to us to act. Giving up food for a day is a small price to demonstrate support for Roxana and opposition to tyranny.

Wednesday, May 6: Day #4

Lucas Karmazinas
West Hartford, CT, USA
* I believe in global support and human freedoms. Let’s make this globe equally free!

Laura Halleman
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
* To help Roxana deal with this terrible ordeal & help a fellow journalist. Hoping she is freed soon.

Joshua Brost
Denver, CO, USA

Paul Hofland
San Francisco, CA, USA
* Like many Americans, I am deeply troubled by the arrest and unjust imprisonment of the young American journalist Roxana Saberi by the government of Iran on baseless charges of “spying”. This fast is one small gesture I and others can make to show our solidarity and support for her, and in so doing, call upon officials in Iran to grant her a timely and fair appeal process, followed by her immediate release. The false imprisonment of Ms. Saberi only serves to unnecessarily aggravate tensions between our countries.

Patricia Smiley
Palmyra, VA, USA
* We must support Roxana and the other two American journalists being held hostage. Our government is doing nothing – if we can bring more attention to the issue; maybe the Obama administration will DO SOMETHING besides setting terrorists free.

Dede Taylor
Augusta, GA, USA
* I am a firm believer in Freedom of the Press…but more than that I believe that when met with evil you must take a stand. I will stand with Roxana.

Mia Wells
Geneva, Switzerland
* I believe in freedom of speech. I believe no one should be imprisoned illegally without a fair trial. I will not stand for human rights being violated.

Mariel Rosen P.
Montclair, NJ, USA
* Journalism isn’t a crime.

Marilyn Zimmermann
Sioux Falls, SD, USA
* It is about more than freedom of the press, but freedom, period. I believe those Islamic/sharia governments embody the world’s worst evil treatment of women. This brazen kidnapping is simply Iran’s evil powers showing their disdain for the appeasement of Obama’s administration. I will support her as a woman, and freedom loving American.

Kristin Sather
Fargo, ND, USA
* The Saberi’s have been long time family friends. I do with with love, support, concern and hope for Roxana and her family.

Christy McGuire
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Sarah Cheshire N.
Durham, NC, USA
* It’s a way to show solidarity with Roxana and put international pressure on the Iranian government to release her.

Maria Greenberg
Newton, MA USA
* Roxana is a political prisoner, a pawn being used by Iran. She is an innocent person being jailed and most likely mistreated. This is a human rights abuse.

Erika Napoletano
Denver, CO, USA
* Personal. Political. Human.

David Caratelli
Evanston, IL, USA
* For freedom: Roxana’s, Iran’s, mankind’s.

Emily Bantell
Wethersfield, CT, USA
* I’ve been doing my best to follow this story. My belief in people’s freedom of expression and right to truth in journalism have driven me here. While the US is far from perfect, I’m grateful for the freedom’s I do enjoy, and the rights that I am awarded, and I will join in any movement to grant those rights to all humans around the globe.

Brenda Giguere
San Diego, CA, USA
* We need to stand up against this kind of oppression.

Felice Friedman
New York City, NY, USA
* Injustice to one is an injustice to everyone!

Carrie Wood
Waynesboro, VA, USA

Carla Christensen
Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Gabriel Zamora
Brooklyn, NY, USA
* As a fellow writer, it is disturbing and disheartening to know of what is happening to Roxana. I always take the freedom of speech for granted here in the States, and her plight has made me aware of just how powerful the pen is, and what people will do to silence it. I wish to help.

Tammy Todd
New York City, NY, USA
* As an American writer, I felt a need to stand hand-in-hand with Roxana, as well as support free press the world over. Her story is compelling and heartbreaking. I trust in the greater good of writings’ purpose and saw that quality in Roxana’s writing.

Maurice Kane Jr.
Los Angeles,CA, USA
* Regimes should not incarcerate or punish innocent truth-seeking people (those lacking any malice or destructive intent), regardless of race, creed, citizenship or occupation.

Alex Amend
Washington, DC, USA
* As an amateur journalist and Minnesotan Saberi’s unjust imprisonment has a personal resonance. Moreover, I believe Saberi’s case should be getting more attention in the media and by the US government not in the context of US-Iranian (government) relations but in speaking for the majority of Iranians for whom this absurd judiciary does not represent.
Saberi is incredibly courageous and I wish to express my solidarity with this tough woman.

Sharon Kornely
Washington, DC, USA
* Roxana Saberi was one of my students at Medill in 1999. I don’t believe she was spying on Iran. I think she wanted the western world to see Iranians as they see themselves. I wish I could do more to help her.

Matt Dunn
Denver, CO, USA
* I was a friend and classmate of Roxana’s at Northwestern University.

Ellen Shearer
Washington, DC, USA
* Roxana deserves our support.

Adriano Sofri
Firenze, Italy
* Free Roxana!

Mario Palombo

Piero Caracciolo
Paris, France

Brittany Phelps
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Cristina Bandinelli
Rome, Italy
* Free Roxana

Natassia Marchbanks
Von Ormy, TX, USA
* I, too, compete in the Miss America Organization. We’re all sisters, and one of our sisters needs support. In addition, relations between the United States and Iran need to be improved, and that can start by working with each other to protect civilians from both countries.

Massimo Strangio
Pisa, Italy

Vasuki Pasumarty
New York City, NY, USA


Anna Santoriello
Pomezia, Italy

Venus Wu
Ithaca, NY, USA

James Vincent
Omaha, Ne, USA
*Liberty is not democracy. But Liberty is worth fighting for. God bless our forefathers.

Pamela Schafer
Del Mar, CA, USA
* I am a fellow North Dakotan and a loyal Amnesty International member. I am shocked by this unjust and inhumane incarceration of yet another International journalist.

Thursday, May 7: Day #5

Ammar Mahmood
London, UK
* Freedom of press is not negotiable or conditional. End of.

Beth F.
Columbus, OH, USA

Kira McGurrin
Cambridge, MA, USA
* Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, supporting the reporters that risk their lives to deliver us the truth.

Mitra Savar
Wayne, PA, USA
* Everybody deserves an open and fair trial. Roxanna is an Iranian who cared for her country. We will cherish her and can’t wait for her to be free.

Tammy Bruce
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* To help with your efforts to bring light to the situation, plus to show solidarity with Roxana, as well as Laura Ling and Euna Lee in North Korea.

Crystal Clark
Spokane, WA, USA
* I think it’s important to show solidarity for Roxana and raise awareness for the injustice of this case. She is a bit of celebrity, so this story is getting a lot of press, but I imagine there are more instances similar to this happening to people we’ve never heard of.

Ashley Kahn
Evanston, IL, U.S.

Martha Clifford
Washington, DC, USA

K. DeAndré Harris O’Kelley
Chicago, IL, USA

Shahram Rezaie
Wellington, New Zealand
* Iran’s government must know that the people like Roxana will stand for their right. It’s time for freedom, it’s time for truth. it’s my honer to fast for a girl who is so brave to fight for the truth. Dorood bar Roxana and she must be released.

Rod Laughridge
San Francisco, CA, USA
* Because she actually is what I only sometimes claim to be, and I have to support that.

Jeff Palaferri
San Diego, CA, USA
* This new US President doesn’t care. He is “disappointed”. What a joke. The people need to take action here as well as on so many other issues as a result of this new administration and the potential disasters we are headed towards thanks to their disjointed worldview.

Lisa Loving
Portland, OR, USA
* I too am a multimedia journalist and offer the utmost respect and support for Roxana and her family during this painful time.
Lois Shuford
Evanston, IL, USA
* I know Roxana from my years at Medill and want to help carry this burden with her. I know her to be a person of integrity and the highest journalistic ethics; and I care passionately about the importance of a free press.

Sandy Heikes
Anchorage, AK, USA
* Roxana needs all our support. I personally can add my voice and body to raise awareness for the supression of all women. God Bless. Bring Roxana Home.

M. Fisher
Corona, CA, USA
* Support for Roxana – She is not forgotten – May 7 is also the National Day of Prayer.

Mary Ann Weston
Evanston, IL, USA
* I want Roxana to know that her friends and colleagues at the Medill School of Journalism, as well as journalists and advocates for a free press everywhere, are supporting her and working for her quick release.

Brandon Jones
Moorhead, MN, USA
* I am a current cobber and support my fellow cobbers.

Zack Stanton
New Baltimore, MI, USA
* Roxana Saberi has been unjustly jailed by a government which has, time and again, shown itself uninterested in justice. I am fasting in solidarity with Roxana and her brave fight for both her own freedom and that of the press.

Rosanna Pilotti
Florence, Italy
* I’m going to fast because I want to support Roxana.
Journalism must be free. Journalism is not a crime.
Freedom for Roxana!

Elizabeth Herzog
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Adrienne Wienir
Encino, CA, USA
* I am participating in this strike to show solidarity with Roxanna who has been denied her right to an open and fair trial and has been sentenced unjustly. While we enjoy the rule of law in the West, we must not take this for granted and stand idly by when such basic human rights are denied others. I want Roxanna to know that she is not alone in this.

Colette Blomquist
Fridley, MN, USA
* I do not think this is right. She did not do anything wrong. Yesterday may 3 2009 I went to my sister in-laws college graduation at Concordia College and Roxanna was to be the gust speaker there and because of what has happened she could not be there. So this whole case has struck very close to home for all of us. At the graduation one of Roxanna’s mentors spoke on behalf for her and it was very beautiful. It was very sad to though almost every one in the gym was crying for you Roxanna and I am hoping and praying for you my 3 year old daughter is praying for you also but she is too young to fast for you but she is for sure thinking of you we all love you here in Minnesota and hope that you come home very soon

David Lai
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Heidi Michael
Alexandria, VA, USA
* Because you should.
Nulli Anna Maria
Messina, Italy

Travis Blomquist
Hastings, MN, USA
* My sister graduated from the same school roxana did i heard her story and am a suporter of her and want her home safe and sound.

Denise Friselli
Pisa, Italy
* Attraverso i notiziari e successivamente attraverso i contatti con l’Associazione Radicale LiberaPisa.

R.J. Dickens
Wichita, KS, USA
* Suppression by government of the free flow of information is folly. By standing with Roxana, I tell governments around the world there is no place for them to run from the truth, no place to hide that which they do not wish seen.

Judy Sloth
Andover, MN, USA
* I was at the Cordia Moorhead commencement and I feel moved after hearing more about this woman to fast and protest her imprisonment. She is a valuable human being who could bring good to Iran and this is how there government treats her. This is there great loss of a great mind, soul and body that could only help them with many, many things in their country. This is an act of stupidity. It is their act of pushing us away farther and again, their loss.

Connie Malone
Fargo, ND, USA
* She is a very sweet woman and is from ND where I live. I met her at a school assignment and also when she was miss ND. A one day trial and conviction is nonsense. I’m infuriated with this. She deserves support and to know people are standing strong behind her. God bless her.

Renato Sabini
Tivoli, Italy

Mary Burns
Portland, ME, USA

Scott Sachnoff
Chicago, IL, USA
* Support journalistic freedom around the world

Heidi Jund
Chicago, IL, USA
* Roxana Saberi does not deserve to be imprisoned and used as a political pawn. If you take a common sense approach to the Iranian government’s position–that she was spying for the US–you will quickly realize that even the suggestion is ridiculous. If she was a spy then why was she not “undercover”? Why was she living her life openly in Iran? Why is she not now nor was she ever an employee of the US government? What does her educational and employment background suggest to you, that she is a journalist or a spy? Roxana Saberi is not a criminal. I hope my fast and that of other supporting her cause bring awareness to her innocence. FREE ROXANA SABERI!!

Belinda Luck
Rosemead, CA, USA
* Her rights should not be taken away simply because of Iranian politics. We must all stand up for her if we believe in having a liberal democracy

Carol Hills
Dedham, MA, USA
* Roxana used to file pieces for our program The World but my primary reason is that people shouldn’t be jailed for no reason. It’s a basic human rights issue. Her situation is appalling.

Christopher Lee
Wilmington, NC, USA

Antonella portesi – rizzo
Gradisca d’Isonzo, Italy
* Ho digiunato per 24 ore nell’intera giornata di ieri perchè aderisco alla iniziativa a favore diRoxana Saberi. Perchè i suoi diritti non le vangano negati e le sia garantita ogni tutela giuridica e legale. Perchè non sia sottoposta a processo ingiusto o a condanna iniqua. Perchè non sia sola.Perchè venga liberata.

Friday, May 8: Day #6

S. Swae-Shampine
Grand Haven, MI, USA

Sheetal Nasta
Houston, TX, USA
* To get this the attention and urgency it deserves. To let the decision-makers and negotiators know there are many who care no matter how long this goes on and we are watching. To provide Roxana some moral support, letting her know she’s not in this alone or forgotten like yesterday’s news.

Isabel Rodriguez
Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Jeff Sonstein
Rochester, NY, USA
*Journalism is not a crime, and the lives of journalists should not be endangered by politics.

Tammy P.
Chicago, IL, USA
* I feel its important to show support for Roxana and the other American women who are being falsely imprisoned. It’s the least I can do.

Marvin Pettey
San Francisco, CA, USA
* For the majority of my adult life I have provided services in support of recent immigrants to the US. Their stories have deeply affected me. I am as a result a long-time participant in Amnesty International efforts to aid prisoners of conscience. I also firmly believe that a free and open discussion of issues is essential to maintaining safe and compassionate societies. If fasting will help here, it is not a sacrifice.

Susan Hart
Denton, Texas
* To raise awareness and support for Roxana and the other journalists held by the government of North Korea.

M. Nicolas Chedot
Paris, France
* I am a friend of Roxana, we’ve known for over ten years. We met at Concordia when I was a French exchange student. We always kept in touch, she visited me twice in France. Last email I received was dated January the 30st, the day before she was arrested. I have to fight for her, I already joined Reporters Sans Frontières in their action for Roxana in Paris. Iran must free Roxana.

Amy Sullivan
Chelmsford, MA, USA
* This is so unjust

Victoria Cumbow
Huntsville, AL, USA
* I am a journalist, and this is a cause I believe in. I am praying for Roxana, and I trust she will be taken care of and released soon.

Mihaela Secrieru
London, UK
* This is not a domestic legal affair, as Iranian authorities claim. The world must rebel, or the abuse of power of oppressors and persecutors will no longer find limits.

Kathryn Mullen
Evanston, IL, USA
* To support a fellow journalist and member of the Northwestern community.

Joie Chen
Washington, DC, USA
* I met Roxana when she was a college student through AAJA, saw her flourish at our shared alma mater, Medill, and have appreciated and enjoyed her work on NPR. She is deeply committed to telling the stories that draw cultures and people together; it is a tragic irony that her imprisonment is uniting voices from around the world.
Nothing we can do will match her sacrifice, but somewhere in the darkest moments of her challenge I hope she will know that our hearts and hope are with her.

Julie Zirbel
Tucson, AZ, USA
* I’m fasting in honor of Roxana, a brave and beautiful woman who stands for all oppressed women of the world. Am holding the bright space of hope for her especially during those moments when she feels very little hope at all. May she have the strength to persevere and an intuitive knowledge that millions of women around the world are behind her, even if they are not responding publicly. Peace and comfort to Roxana. Julie, Arizona, USA

Sara Zmudzinski
Milwaukee, WI, USA
* This absolutely breaks my heart. I can’t stop thinking about this brave and intelligent woman. My thoughts are with her every day.

Maurizio Martin 32041
Auronzo di Cadore BL, Italy
* I just want to be with her.

Jack McGinley
San Jose, CA
* Roxana is a friend of the family and a wonderful person!

Saturday, May 9: Day #7

Kelsey Atherton
Albuquerque, NM, USA
* Because press freedom is vital, and because she has a right to be returned to her country.

Krystle Perez
Chico, CA, USA
* As a journalism student, I value freedom of speech, no matter where you are in the world. As a woman, I value strength and courage in the face of adversity. As a human, I value what Roxana is doing for the world, which is simply reporting what she sees. Above all else, I feel the Iranian government is using Roxana as a pawn instead of solving the problems within their government.

Caroline Zilk
Little Rock, AR, USA
* I identify with Roxana because I’m also a journalist. I’ve worked abroad for organizations that support human rights and press/media freedom. It is something I’ve become passionate about, and is something I wish more people would become educated about. I hope, by fasting, I can do my part to help Roxana be released & to educate others about this issue.

Cole Murphy
Livingston, MT, USA
* I briefly dated Roxana in college, and continued to talk fairly regularly until she went to Iran. She is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and talented people I’ve ever known. I know her, and I know that if she is not released, her hunger strike will take her life. We need to end this now.

Pat Anderson
Tucson, AZ, USA
* I believe Roxana should be released and would like to help support her.

Theresa Stewart
San Jose, CA, USA
* I am fasting for Roxanna because she is an American citizen who was trying ( at great risk ) to shine a light on the treatment of women in Iran. Iran as well as many other Arab countries, are committing acts of terrorism against their own female population on an hourly basis. This woman is a hero and I feel it is my duty as an American and as a woman to lend my strength to Roxanna in her time of need.

Ehsan Nourbaksh
Texas, USA

Roro Roulias
Philadephia, P, USA
* While I respect the Iranian culture and the Islamic beliefs, there is no valid factor that would justify Ms. Saberi’s imprisonment. I have a few friends from Iran who are either Assyrian or call themselves Persians. They would never favor the government’s decision to imprison Roxana. If I fast, I will be thinking of Roxana Saberi and her emotional pain through my starvation.

Katayoun Lotfi
Dublin, Ireland

Vargha Bahagir
Helsinki, Finland

Melissa Eckstein
Denton, TX, USA
* A strong belief in standing behind the right to have freedom of speech, religion, etc.

Cathy Guiles
Middletown, NY, USA
* I’m a Medill alumna as well (MSJ ‘08), and I support Ms. Saberi 100 percent. My friends and I hope and pray she will be released soon.

Liza Berger
Evanston, IL, USA

Mark Santarelli
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* I feel that journalists have an important role to fulfill in our lives. Thank you Roxana for your bravery and conviction to face injustice.

Daniel Swann
Boston, MA, USA
* I believe in a free press and a democratic rule of law, and the sooner the Islamic Repulic of Iran accepts this the sooner its citizens will taste the freedom they deserve.

Gwen Miles
Quezon City, Philippines
* I strongly believe she is innocent. Iranian clerics are just jealous that a young, beautiful woman could be so intelligent, smart and free! They have to put her away so other Iranian women would not try to follow her example.

Katia Donato
Bologna, Italy
* Solidarietà, e timore che la libertà di espressione si stia perdendo anche nal mio paese.

Jamie Jo France
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
* I want her free and i want it now! my heart is breaking and i have had enough of these kind of heartbreaks! i haven’t been able to sleep or eat well since finding out. and a day will not go by that i do not think of her and do something that will raise awareness of her plight. love to all that are working towards the release of her and to the end of all such injustices.

Ashley Rose
Roseville, MI, USA

Chiara Valle Vallomini
Massa, Italy
* Injustice is always the first thing to fight…

Sunday, May 10: Day #8

Flo Johnson
Fort Smith, AR, USA.
* I am surprised that our government seems to be ignoring Roxana and I want to do something to bring attention to her plight and the danger she is in. I want Roxana to know that I am deeply concerned about her life and safety. I want her parents to feel that they do not suffer alone. I want Roxana to know that, as a Christian, I am praying for her.

Shereen Marisol Meraji
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* I met Roxana years ago at UNITY, briefly. When I worked for NPR as a producer we spoke over the phone or by e-mail many times. I’m half Iranian and a journalist (we’re the same age) and I’ve always been proud of Roxana’s willingness to work in Iran…and I just can’t believe the Iranian government is doing this to her!!!!! She’s so courageous and always had good things to say about living and working in Iran. Happy Birthday, Roxana. Fasting one day is not enough. Let me know what else I can do to support this cause.

Nadia Cooke
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Forzana Khanom
London, United Kingdom

Mike Bicknell
Austin, TX, USA
* Her imprisonment is the crime. We need to advocate for any working journalist who is imprisoned or injured–our profession depends upon freedom of movement, of speech, of association. She needs us, we need her.

Jude Whitebear
Chugiak, AK, USA
* Journalists in dangerous countries are doing important work that few volunteer for. This is NOT a crime. Roxana is being abused for doing her job and for her principles. Everyone should help support stopping this kind of injustice!

Jean Wilson
Valrico, FL, USA
* To show support of Roxana Saberi’s hunger strike against her unjust imprisonment and help her end her own strike so that her health does not fail. Also to show Iran and our country that people around the world are concerned about imprisoning people who voice their opinions about the Iranian government as well as journalists and bloggers who are reporting what is happening in Iran. Hopefully this will make our current administration aware that we need to help these people.

Eva Shannon
Princeton, WV, USA
* For justice and human rights.

Eliza Talbot
Kailua, HI, USA
* Iran needs to be more aware of its human rights issues and respect all people. This is a travesty and America needs to unite behind Roxana.

Sofia Tarassod
Nashville, TN, USA
* As a Journalist, the freedom of Roxana Saberi is as vital to me as it is to her.

Evelyn Triantafillou
Lowellville, OH, USA
* She should not have to bear this hunger strike alone. It was unjust for her to have been put in prison.

Steven Sukert
Evanston, IL, United States
* As an undergraduate at Northwestern University, I read about Saberi’s arrest several days before it began appearing on the national stage. After reading many of Saberi’s foreign correspondence pieces on NPR and the BBC, I became further empathetic with her plight. Iran has many legitimate grievances toward the United States, but imprisoning an innocent journalist is a petty act that exhibits contempt for the free press that will ultimately only damage the interests of the Iranian people.

Giorgio Nardi
Castelnuovo Magra-La Spezia, Italy
* Which reasons do they serve over the jail and the risk of death penalty?

Suzelle Tempero
Chicago, IL, USA
* As a fellow journalist, I want to support Roxana in her effort to report the truth.

Alanna Le
Tel Aviv, Israel

Gregory Christakos
Worcester, MA, USA

Marie Nuchols
Denton, TX, USA

Cristina Bandinelli
Rome, Italy

Antonio DUVA
Milano, Italy
* For free Roxana, for free press, for human rights

Katayoon Montazemi
Santa Monica, CA, USA
* In solidarity with Roxana and as a one who survived Evin Prison for 5 years and a former political prisoner I will go on hunger strike. I know what she is going through and hope that she will be free soon. My heart goes out to her parents. However, Roxana and her parents need to know they are not alone in this struggle. May there will be a day that there will be no political prisoners in Iran and throughout the globe.

Gretchen Crookes
Los Angeles, CA USA
* I am tired of feeling helpless and disconnected.

Monday, May 11: Day #9

Nikki Gamer
Marblehead, MA, USA
* I am a graduate of Medill and was horrified to learn about Roxana’s situation. I’d like to throw my support behind any and all efforts toward getting her free.

Anastasia M
Glendale, CA, USA
* I want to support Roxana. I believe that she is being held unjustly.

Ronda Cluff
Galloway, NJ, USA
* I believe that all personal liberty rests on freedom of speech and a free press. I want to do what I can to support Roxana and let Iran know that the world is watching.

Liz Creagh
Rochdale, England
* This is the least I can do in order to raise awareness of Roxanna’s situation. I hadn’t even heard of it until someone mentioned it on Twitter. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more media coverage here in the UK!

Mary McHugh
Cape May, NJ, USA
* To demonstrate, if in a small way, that we are all connected.

Amie Ninh
Evanston, IL, USA

Luigi Ferrara
Maiori, Coast of Amalfi, Italy
* I will fast for Roxana and also for Delara the girl just executed after being convicted of murdering her father’s cousin.

Terry Plaisance
New Orleans, LA, USA
* It is time to end the bullying of women in countries like Iran. Support Free Press and release Ms. Saberi.

Trisha Gardner
Jasper, AL, USA
* It is time for Iran to understand that they cannot just arbitrarily jail and punish anyone. They believe they are above any morals or human rights obligations. Free Roxana.

Danielle Johnson
Riverside, CA, USA
* I feel that she is not being treated fairly, and I want her and her family to get through this.

Mirna Bruna Mastronardi
Pisticci, Matera, Italy

Tisha Mesa
Cypress, TX, USA

Anna Ayres
Appleton, MN, USA
* To my brothers and sisters in Iran,
No one should be caged for telling the truth. No one should fear the telling of, Or the hearing of, The truth.
She gave a great gift. She humanized the people in her news stories, And she made me feel as though these people in her stories were people I could meet and speak with day to day in my own neighborhood. The people in her stories stopped being “Them”, And they became “Us”.
When her stories came on National Public Radio, I stopped to listen to what neighbors around the world were living. Truth isn’t political, Truth is everything. There are more simularities than diferences among us. I see the beauty and the humanity of you. I appeal to your beautiful humanity, and I humbly ask you to be mericful and lenient. Please let Roxan Saberi go free. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Alessandra Tecce
Rome, Italy

Mindy Trossman
Chicago, IL, USA
* Roxanna was a student of mine some 10 years ago at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She touched my life then and continues to have an impact on others around the world. She and her family are not alone in her fight for freedom.

Greg Bullard
Fayetteville, AR, USA
* For a few reasons. Freedom of speech. I know it does not apply there, as here in the US, but I believe that the freedom of speech, and press, and freedom to disagree with other members of humanity is the most beautiful and powerful tool in the world. For me, to deny this to anyone is worth my attention, and hungar pains. I do not care that she has stopped her strike, I’m going to go forward with mine regardless. I’ll also spend that entire day on the phone calling every elected official I can, writing letters and sending e-mails.

Vincenzo Zeuli

Harald Bonura
Catania, Italy
* For all us; for our freedom…

Lili Chargin
New York City, NY, USA
*I am a college student, and I believe it is my moral obligation to take my beliefs and convictions outside of the classroom and put them into practice. May we come together to fast in solidarity for freedom of speech and the pursuit of justice.

Luisa Mondo
Turin, Italy

Paolo Mautino
Roma, Italy
* To promove an internatinational public opinion

Norma de Yagcier
Chicago, IL, USA
* I am very concerned for her safety and would like to join efforts to give her unjust incarceration the attention it deserves.

Patti Hulsey
Corona, CA, USA
* To hopefully get the attention of Barack Obama. We want him to know that we expect him to get not only Roxana Saberi released, but also Euna Lee and Laura Ling. He needs to take some time out of his social agendas and worry about the lives of these three young ladies.

Shannon Turner
Minneapolis, MN, USA
* For Roxanna

Kate Dawson
Denver, CO, USA

Brad Barfield
Lakeland, FL, USA
* While I respect other cultures, I strongly feel that Roxanna is NOT being treated fairly! To impose such a sentence based on what appears to be circumstantual evidence insults the foundation of justice system. OK, possession of an alcoholic beverage in public being illegal in that culture is understandable, but to call her a spy, and sentence her to 8 yrs without her attorney even allowed to be present? Where is the evidence, where are witnesses?

Kristin Montgomery
Ferndale, MI, USA
* Facism and oppression cannot be tolerated.

James Montgomery
Ferndale, MI, USA
* United we stand divided we fall. Free Roxana now!!!!

Kristin Montgomery
Ferndale, MI, USA

A Friend
London, UK

Yasmeen Saberi
Anaheim, CA, USA
* Roxana Saberi is my cousin as well as my role model. She is the reason I aspire to work in the field of broadcast journalism. When I grow up I hope to become an anchorwoman. I started out wanting to become a journalist when I heard my cousin Roxana report from Iran in the car with my dad. I couldn’t believe I was related to that cool of a person. From that point I wanted to become involved in Journalism. In middle school I picked Journalism as my elective and I became even more passionate about the subject. I did my report on Roxana in the eighth grade saying how she was such a well-rounded person overall. She was a beauty queen, she was a stellar student, she was athletic in sports, talented at the piano, and from what I heard from my dad, a beautiful person inside and out. Hearing about what happened to Roxana I was so upset and always wanted to know the latest about what is going on with her. I am so proud of her becaus
e I know she is fighting for what she believes in and is not backing down. Even though I have never met Roxana, knowing what I already know about her, I hope to be just like her when I grow up.
How’d you hear about the FreeRoxana hunger strike?: My dad sent me an email on Roxana because he knows I always want to be up to date on her current status. My dad recently sent me her commencement speech and contained in this speech was a link to this website. I already read in the newspaper how Roxana is on a hunger strike, and finding out that I could be a part of this too, made me want to sign up quickly.

Tuesday, May 12: Day #10

Loren Ghiglione
Evanston, IL, USA
* As a professor of global journalism at Medill, Roxana’s journalism school, I want to do my part to bring attention to her case.

Brooke Laranag
Kansas City, MO, usa
* For Peace. And belief that Roxana will survive and thrive. Bring her home.

Amélie Griveau
* I support this cause because I think that Press Freedom is necessary in our world. International journalists are doing an amazing work and I thank them for that. So, it’s justified to help us when they need.

Claudine Bortolus
Swakopmund, Namibia
* Simply because the right of information and the freedom of communication should be taken for granted every where on planet.

Mario Del Gaudio
Napoli, Italy

Colette Lindemann
Erlanger, KY, USA
* I want to see Roxana come home.

Pauline Vu
Washington, DC, USA
* I’m a reporter, and Iran’s reasons for holding Roxana are wrong.

Victoria Capon
Glendale, AZ, USA
* Free roxana
Yukio Ngaby
Salem, OR, USA
* I wish, in some small way, to show my support for all those indefensibly oppressed by the government of Iran. Roxana Saberi is not the first nor is she the last to be unjustifiably jailed in one of Iran’s farcical, closed-door trials. Yet, neither she, nor any, should be overlooked and discarded into the piles of the forgotten.

Cynthia Reimers Erickson
Roseville, MN, USA
* Roxana, we are with you.

Rebecca Skipp
Milan, Italy

Wednesday May 13: Day #11

Judy Ajifu
San Jose, CA, USA
* I want to show my solidarity with others in our quest to free Roxana and hopefully to relieve Roxana from her fast. I’m very concerned about her strength!

Harry Strachan Druid
Stevenage Hertfordshire, UK
* Because I can’t think of one single solitatary blessed reason not to…

Sepideh S.
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Patricia Smiley
Palmyra, VA, USA
* To support our American journalist being held and our government is doing nothing. WE THE PEOPLE

Heather Boen
Spring, TX, USA
* Roxana should be freed. She has the support of many nations across the world who KNOW she is not a spy. She is simply an honest reporter.

Patricia Nieshoff
Cambridge, MA, USA
* My heart goes out to Roxana during this very difficult time. I want to do whatever I can to support her and let her know that she is not alone or forgotten.

Rebecca Hoffman
Portland, OR, USA
* Roxana Saberi is a journalist, not a spy. I support the cause of her freedom and hope this act will demonstrate to the government of Iran that they cannot commit crimes against the innocent without very public opprobrium. Hang in there, Roxana.

Nazenin Ansari
London, UK
* I am a concerned Iranian: woman, mother and journalist.

Billie Cook
Fairbanks, AK, USA

Leslie Watkins
Durham, NC, USA
* Because the governments that hold power over others like they did in the seventh century represent the last gasp of male supremacy, and I want to stand in solidarity with Roxana and all the other wonderful women and girls still enslaved by this mindset.

Paolo Pedone
Palermo, Italy
* For freedom of woman in any nation of the world,whatever is the sex,the religion,the color of skin and the opinion of mind;for a liberal press and against capital punishment and religious punishment in the world.

Thursday, May 14: Day #12

James Buck
Oakland, CA, USA

* A few weeks before Press Freedom Day 2008, I was kidnapped by Egyptian State Security. I spend 23 hours in prison; my Egyptian friend and translator spend 90 days. He was brutally tortured and I desperately tried to get him help, without much success. The world heard about my case because I used Twitter to alert my friends of my arrest. But many, many more suffer alone without lawyers, family or even food and blankets. Journalists need to stand in solidarity with one another. Even those who will never work in dangerous countries need to support the work of those who do. I have colleagues here in California who have been harassed and detained by police. We don’t need to fight alone – we can stand together. Roxana Saberi is not a criminal. Journalism is not a crime.

Kathleen Storm
Fargo, ND, USA
* I believe that Roxana, was imprisoned under false pretences. She should be free to be with her loved ones and friends as soon as possible. I support all hard working journalist that work in parts of the world most of us fear to go. They are gutzy and courageous. I hope she is well and if this helps it is the least I can do.

Stephanie Rice
San Francisco, CA, USA

Elaine Clisham
Washington, DC, USA
* I’ll be in Prague on vacation, rehearsing The Defiant Requiem, which we’ll be performing May 18 as part of the annual Terezin concentration camp remembrance. Fasting during this vacation somehow seems appropriate.

Ross Eatman
New York, NY, USA
I am a friend and professional colleague of Roxana’s and want to demonstrate my concern and support for her.

Miriam Tohill
Ithaca, NY, USA

Miranda Wise
Coeur d’Alene, ID, USA
* Every person can help.

Francesco Costa
Roma, Italy

Arianna Cavallo
Roma, Italy

Meg Chappell
Cheongju, South Korea
* I am a 23 year old English teacher living in Korea but originally hail from Rhode Island. As a young female with a journalism and women studies degree and as an advocate for human rights and social justice I am joining this cause. I believe that combined efforts from around the world and informing our peers, friends, families, co-workers and strangers about Roxana’s story can hopefully bring justice for her and her family.

Supporters who did not specify a fasting date:

Mojgan Zakeri
Tehran, Iran
* Freedom is everybody’s right.

Gemma Pacchiarotti
Firenze, Italy

Odorico Bergamaschi
Mantova, Italy
* The ideas are free.

Tisha Mesa
Houston,TX, USA

La Pegna Olivia
Siena, Italy

Federico Diaz
Sanjose, Costa Rica
* I just can not understand how iran’s government keep doing such things…this islamic republic has no rights to judge or to kill…I do it cause I support human rights and cause in my country Iranies are not welcome at all. Our democratic society in Costa Rica does not get along with iranies or they way of thinking. They are not invited to come or to express their religion believes.

Ali Abbas
London, England

Donna Hornick
Beaver Meadows, PA, USA
* To help raise awareness,
Please Bring Roxana home.

Francesca Colli
Novafeltria, Italy
* Per la libertà di poter essere e vivere

Marco Boi
Porto Torres, Italy

Ramin Rs
Tehran, Iran

Donna Goldcamp
Kailua, HI, USA
* I believe that she is being punished on trumped up charges for political reasons.

Jennifer Clarke
Elizabeth City, NC, USA

* I have be lead to fast for Roxana because I feel it is something I can do to help her situation and perhaps make a difference.

Amy Jovonovich Brandon
San Rafael, CA, USA
* Roxana is a dear friend of mine. We grew up together in Fargo and she is the definition of a ‘true friend’. I know her character, and I am certain, with every fiber of my being, that she is innocent of all charges. I am outraged at what she is being subjected to and the gross injustice she is suffering. She is being used as a political pawn, and we, as Americans, must stand together in support, and demand that our government take action to bring her home and right this horrible wrong. Roxana is a beautiful person and my heart goes out to her, her wonderful family and all those who love her. Roxana, you’re in my prayers, my every thought, and I can’t wait until you are home safe, very SOON.

Mike Pattullo
Chicago, IL, USA

* There are many issues around the world that need to be dealt with. Iran is an radical regime and the world needs to tell Iran that enough is enough. They have no reason to call Roxana a U.S spy, they are just using it to take a shot at the U.S, maybe use her as a diplomatic asset. The world needs to hear about this incident and speak out against it. We cannot tolerate this type of behavior by any country, especially one with ties to terrorist organizations. There is enough violence in this world and extremism, we need to solve more problems through peaceful means and the people of the world need there voice to be heard. Government is here to represent us, protect us, and do what we ask of it, and we are asking for Roxana to be released. When it is Iran against the world, they will be forced to give in to our demands.

Renza Rossi
Reggio Emilia, Italy
If you believe that killing Roxana weakened America, you have everything wrong, you just weakened.

Paolo Rella
Trento, Italy
* Solidarietà

Gianni Neri
Castelnuovo Magra, Italy

Laura Cislaghi
Milan, Italy
* Absolutely respect for Life,Human Being.

Jennifer Hammond
Irvine, CA,USA
* I fasted with some members of our organization on April 29, as soon as I heard about Roxana’s plight. The reason that I support this effort by AAJA and the many other organizations supporting Roxana is because we all need to work together for freedoms across our shrinking globe. Freedom of speech is the beginning of all other freedoms. Without the brave reporting of Roxana and her peers, we will be in darkness and without knowledge of the truth. Without their light, we will not be able to work to achieve the freedoms that all people deserve, but few enjoy. God bless Roxana and the free press!

Luqman Jahmi Abdullah-ibn Carter
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
* I support your cause but unless you plan to mass fast outside a embassy or some other government front its like saying your in jail and untill your free I’m not leaving my house. To write or call the UN they do nothing as is, you could flood the phones of the ambassador there as well as DC and form fast sit-ins notifying the media at the same time.Make it un-comfortable for them.

Sara Vickers
Orange, CA, USA
* I am in my second year of college, majoring in journalism and minoring in international relations, to see something like this is incredibly horrible. I will do whatever I can to support Roxana.

Yu Chenghui
* I believe freedom of individual rights.

Marina Burlon
Bologna, Italy
* mo la libertà di pensiero e di parola e sostengo il rispetto dei diritti umani e civili delle persone.

Taraneh Alizahde
Cologne, NRW, Germany

Cecilia Trent
Marina Bay
* I think it is appalling that the Obama Administration has turned its back on its back on Roxanna and the other women being held under bogus charges. It amazes me that Obama can so valiantly reach out his hand to known Muslim leaders who exploit and violate the human rights of women while condemning the efforts of the former Administration to keep our Nation safe from savage terrorists who wish to destroy us. The world has gone absolutely mad. I am supporting this effort because enough is enough. We need to make a stand to protect the lives of innocent people. I want to send Washington a message loud and clear and bring attention to the plight of these women.

Feza Karkhaneh

Dollat Alina
Gouvieux Oise, France


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