Fast participants: Thank you

Thank you to the more than 400 people around the world who joined the FreeRoxana hunger strike.

Your voices were heard. Media from around the country and the globe covered the fast, and most importantly, Roxana knew we supported her.

We began the relay hunger strike on May 3, World Press Freedom Day, with plans to continue for 12 days to match Roxana’s personal fast. We ended it four days early, when Roxana was released from prison.

Fasting for one day may seem like a small gesture, but for this campaign, and for Roxana, it made all the difference. Thank you!

For a full list of participants, click here.


3 thoughts on “Fast participants: Thank you

  1. Let’s face it, the only reasons why she was jailed were because :
    a. she is probably alot prettier than the police chief’s wife.
    b. does a better job at reporting than Al Jazeria and Iranian State TV
    c. has an actual journalism degree instead of the entire Doonesbury collection in Arabic (like most of the “reporters” over there)
    d. did I mention she looks better than the government officials wives???

    Anyways, I’m glad the whole ordeal is over and she’s comming home. She did not deserve the treatment she recieved but I also hope that it does not make her boased towards the region. I know that yes, many disagree with the politics over there, but that does not mean the people are the same (sort of like here in the US). Maybe Kristen Amanpur (sp?) might take her under her wing and the two do a new program geared towards the Middle East and at least the common people there (toss in Anthony Bourdain for the culinary segement and you’ll have Emmys flowing like a raging river).

    Glad she’s safe, happy and comming home.

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