Roxana Leaving Iran

AFP reports that Roxana is leaving Iran with her parents and a family friend:

US-born reporter Roxana Saberi, who was freed from an Iranian jail this week, was leaving Iran on Friday on board a flight from Tehran airport, a family friend travelling with her told AFP.

“I, Roxana and her parents are leaving the country. We are at the airport and the flight is at 4:40 am (0010 GMT). We will be passing the immigration check in 10 minutes,” Payam Mohepi said.

He did not say where exactly they were heading from Iran, but soon after her release her father, Reza Saberi, said the family was preparing to take Roxana back to the United States.

There are no direct flights between Iran and the United States.

Mohepi said Roxana was “doing well and very happy”.

“At the moment, she has no clear plan yet … whether to come back to the country (Iran) or not,” he said.
Saberi was released on Monday after her original eight-year jail term, delivered on charges of spying for the United States, was reduced to a suspended two-year term by an appeal court.


2 thoughts on “Roxana Leaving Iran

  1. Aho! I am so thankful you had the courage to get through your ordeal. I don’t know u personally but have watched u on the news in the FM area from time to time. Sounds like u have an awesome family and many friends. Take care and best wishes. DT

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