Roxana is free!

Roxana just walked out of Evin prison! (Read more from BBC News.)

That means we’re calling off the FreeRoxana hunger strike, which was scheduled to run through Thursday, May 14. (It began on May 3, World Press Freedom Day.)

To the 70 volunteers who were planning to fast during the next few days: No need to go hungry!

And to the 400 people around the globe who volunteered to fast for a day for Roxana:  Thanks for helping to make her voice heard!

Roxana is free!


3 thoughts on “Roxana is free!

  1. Roxana, I do not know you, but have been asking the universe for your release. I am absolutely thrilled to hear of it. Love to you and your family.

  2. Roxana, I’ll bet your feet stink after this ordeal. Can I smell them when u get back to the states? All in all,I’m happy for your release and wish you well.

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