Freedom for Roxana — Your reaction

As word spreads around the globe about Roxana’s freedom, supporters are coming to to share their reaction.

In the comments section for one of our recent posts, a supporter named Kim wrote, “Roxana, I do not know you, but have been asking the universe for your release. I am absolutely thrilled to hear of it. Love to you and your family.”

Click “Comments” above this message to tell us why you’ve supported Roxana and how you feel about her release. You can even leave a note for Roxana!


55 thoughts on “Freedom for Roxana — Your reaction

  1. My heart was lifted this morning when I heard the news. I have been working hard to keep my friends informed and involved, and I’ve had the most incredible people praying for Roxana’s safe return. I hope that when she comes home safely, we will be able to get back in touch. I’ve missed my good friend while she has been in Iran.

  2. Huge! Congrats, I had my fingers crossed for her all weekend. I’m very curious to see what she reports and writes about going forward.

  3. Praise God! Thanks also to this blog for keeping us updated and publicizing Roxana’s imprisonment. Let us not forget the many more still imprisoned in Iran and also let us not forget Euna Lee and Laura Ling in North Korea.

  4. This was great news to wake up to this morning! Love Twitter for all those updates and wish you all the best in your free future. You are a brave woman and I was proud to support your cause.

  5. Props to Twitter for being utilized for something important, freeing an innocent woman from the clutches of a misogynist, ignorant elite that govern Iran.

  6. Thank goodness, what amazing news! Thank you to everyone who created this site and worked so hard for Roxana’s release. Roxana, I look forward to hearing of your safe arrival back in the United States and I am in awe of your courage. And thank you to Randy for reminding us of Euna Lee, Laura Ling, and all of the other journalists wrongly imprisoned around the world.

  7. I am excited, and happy for Roxana and her family. Prayers go a very long way. The world is rejoicing. Im wishing her the very best and hope that her life returns to normal very soon.

  8. Great news your are now free and I hope you enjoy your freedom again.

    Possitive effect of this you now have almost 4.000 followers on twitter!

  9. I am overjoyed to know that you’re free. You are a truly brave woman and many, many people will be so happy to know you have been released.

  10. I felt helplessness when I first heard of Roxana Saberi’s case – a young woman’s life grinded between larger powers that don’t seem to respect a person’s right to freedom. I am thankful for the people that organized support for her – it gave me the feeling one could do something about it, even as little as a symbolic fasting. I am relieved that she is free. I wish her and her family a happy reunion and a return to their lives!

  11. Roxana’s release means great relief for all of us.
    I’m sure Roxana’s hopes were to have her innocence recognized by Iranian tribunal. Unfortunately, this wish hasn’t come true..
    Nevertheless, I hope this is the first step towards the release of all innocent political prisoners who are being held in jail by non-democratic political systems around the world.
    Wishing all the best for Roxana and may all her dreams& projects come true!!

    **** Solidarietà dall’Italia!!!********

  12. What a miracle! When I knew her at Northwestern, Roxana always seemed to have a special light. At last, her light and spirit can shine freely once more. Peace to Roxana and her loved ones.

  13. This was a wonderful way to start the day in California! I wish Roxana and her family a speedy and uneventful return to the United States to much exultation in North Dakota.

    Please remember that there are journalists being held around the world, including those whose name we do not know because it is so sensitive.

    Hold in your hearts (and if you can, in your efforts) Euna Lee and Laura Ling, two American journalists of Korean and Chinese descent, who have been detained in North Korea since March 17. Authorities said they are are to be put on trial for “hostile acts” against the country but have not said when.

  14. Excellent news! I heard it as the headlines on NPR this morning. I can celebrate with my Amnesty International USA Group tonight. Congratulations, and keep working for the other journalists and women in Iran.

  15. heard the good news on the radio. bravo for roxana!! without a free press, how do we know if anything we read is true?? here’s to brave journalists who report from places where freedom of the press is dubious at best.

  16. I woke up to a sunny day today in Minneapolis; the news of your release makes it brighter! i join those who are relieved at your release and safely.

    Best wishes to you, Reza, Akiko, Jasper and Bahman as you all begin the healing process. Take time in your recovery and don’t rush too quickly into anything…

  17. We are relieved that Roxana is finally free. She is an inspiration to all who care about a free press. I admire her courage and tenacity.
    Those of us in the Medill community salute you and your dedicated family.

  18. Dear Roxana, While few of us, if any, on Twitter know you personally, many of us have prayed in whatever way we pray for your release. I truly believe it was the united voices that were heard and somehow helped make this happen. As I sleepily heard the news this morning, this item was the one thing I actually listened to! We are all so happy that you are free. My love goes out to you and your faithful family who have all been through this ordeal with you. May you all find some peace in the coming days.

  19. A couple nights ago I had a dream that they announced that you had been freed.
    It’s SO great to hear that it has happened!

  20. Abbiamo temuto per te, anche in Italia. Abbiamo appreso con immensa gioia la notizia della tua libertà. Questa volta ha vinto la giustizia! Bentornata, Roxana, finalmente libera!

  21. Dear Roxana,
    I am so thankful, relieved, and over-joyed to hear of your release. I wish you safe travels in reuniting with your family and friends. Good luck to you in your life and career.

    Justin Dehn
    (one of your former Fargo media colleagues)

  22. Roxana,
    So many are so happy for you! I feel great relief for you, your family and your fiance. I wish you the very best!

  23. Great to learn Roxana has been released.

    Roxana, I wish you all the best for the rest! Take care, and send my best to your friends and family. Congrats to all of your supporters and all those who courageously went on hunger strike with you.

    Never lose hope, and falling down can be a chance, if you bounce back, which i’m sure you will!

  24. Congratulations. My heart was with you everyday. I am so happy you are out. May God bless you and keep you safe 🙂

  25. I admire your courage so much and I was so glad to hear this morning of your release. We are nearly the same age, and as a woman and an activist, I’m very proud of you.

  26. As we celebrate her release remember two things:
    – the brutality of Roxana’s forced confession, how she was deprived of information, the obstacles thrown the way of her family and lawyers, and the fact that she remains unjustly convicted
    – yet Iran is a country she loved and was trying to understand. Iran is not guilty. It’s just that, as with most countries, decency and clarity of sight don’t always win first time.

    I was doing my second fast when the news came through. Good food has never tasted sweeter, as it must to Roxana right now.

  27. I am so, so, so happy to hear this wonderful news. Hearing Mr. Reza Saberi’s voice on the NRP interview a couple of weeks ago broke my heart. His love for his daughter and pride in who she is came through so clearly, it is a true, true delight to imagine their reunion this morning. Freedom of press and speech is never to be taken for granted and always to be fought for- congratulations Roxana and may you get some well deserved love and rest.

  28. Roxana, so relieved to hear you’re free. Rest and recover… all good wishes to you from another Medill alum!

  29. Roxana I have been praying for your release! We were all so anxious. Still praying for Euna Lee and Laura Ling.

  30. Praise God! I am thrilled for all–especially Saberi’s parents–what a family. Now we need to look after other imprisoned reporters of conscience.

  31. Hoooorrrraaaayyyy!!!!!
    I’ve just burst open the champagne!!!!!
    Whatever your creed, whatever your race, love you all.
    Harry the British Druid….
    Well done folks!!!!

  32. Roxana, have been working with a group of over 25 “hunger strikers” in the US since you began your protest. We are all so very happy to learn of your release and we celebrate with your family. We admire your courage and your determination to defy your captors. Makes one see American freedoms of speech, press, and due process rights in a new light!

    God bless,


  33. Roxana, family, and friends, what a wonderful day this is ! Praise God ! I have been following Roxana’s story as of her arrest & imprisonment in Iran. Roxana, you are a brave women to speak truth to ” power & authority” ! I am so pleased to hear of your release. The whole world has been supporting you and we are so grateful our voices raised in unison have set you free ! I wish you a future filled with love, health , and happiness. May God’s light continue to shine upon you. Peace be with you.
    Kindest Regards,
    Kimberly Howard
    Saint Paul, MN USA

  34. I think it is gorgeous that you succeeded to challenge the verdict!
    You’re released and I really think it’s great. i wish you all the best!

  35. Roxana,
    I applaud your courage as a true journalist and was deeply saddened by your imprisonment. I never heard your name until your capture, but it was heart wrenching to learn that you would be imprisoned for 8 years based on false accusations. I hoped that your truth would be heard and set you free, and thank goodness for your release!

    I wish you a safe return, and welcome home.


  36. Roxana I woke up this morning and my dad told me you were freed. Today has been the best day of my life so far. Mostly because I found out that you were freed. Words cannot express how happy I am right now. My face is stuck in a smile. I sent a email to 80 of my friends saying if they could sign the petition and I let my school know about you and there are a lot of people who supported you, wanted a quick release, and wished you well. This is what I wrote in the email and in the petition.

    Roxana Saberi is my cousin as well as my role model. She is the reason I aspire to work in the field of broadcast journalism. When I grow up I hope to become an anchorwoman. I started out wanting to become a journalist when I heard my cousin Roxana’s report from Iran in the car with my dad one day. I couldn’t believe I was related to that cool of a person. From that point I wanted to become involved in Journalism. In middle school I picked Journalism as my elective, and I became even more passionate about the subject. I did my report on Roxana in the eighth grade saying how she was such a well-rounded person overall. She was a beauty queen, a stellar student, athletic in sports, talented at the piano, and from what I heard from my dad, a beautiful person inside and out. Hearing about what happened to Roxana I was so upset and always wanted to know the latest about what is going on with her. I am so proud of her because I know she is fighting for what she believes in and is not backing down. Even though I have never met Roxana, knowing what I already know about her, I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

    I love you Roxana, once you get better, and have any time, could you please call me I would love to hear your voice 🙂


  37. Hab mich riesig gefreut!! Roxana’s smile is infectious. I think she’ll retain her optimism and inspire others not to lose hope.

  38. Dear Roxana,
    I’m very happy; now you’re free and my heart is full of joy; a lot of friends in Italy were in pain for your status and expressed their concern and their support for you. Now all I can say is that we love you, be strong, now it’s time to taste all the sweet things of life.


  39. dear roxana,

    it’s been several years since i enjoyed your company in our dorm in chicago, but you made an indelible impact on me, and i enjoyed following your career from afar. i am overjoyed at the news of your release, and my thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family for the last few months.

    best wishes, and congratulations for being an inspiration to so many, myself included…


  40. Dear Roxana Saberi

    With great joy and relief yesterday afternoon I learned about your release. You encourage me to continue being active for human rights and justice with amnesty international (where I heard first about your case) and other organisations.

    I wish you the very best, Carsten

  41. I am really very happy to heard this good news. few days ago after hearing about roxana saberi i felt so sad and also i heard about her father was crying to meet her daughter, my heart was felt down, its totally broke.. but now i m so happy to heard about her freedom. Thanks to my God who accept my plea about Roxana Saberi and make her free. best luck for future miss saberi.

  42. dear roxana saberi
    i just want to say how HAPPY i am that you are free and justice has been done. from the moment i read of your imprisonment and impending first trial, i signed the petition and kept circulating news among fellow journalists as well as friends. i hope you gain strength and health again as soon as possible. and know that there are many of us who do not know you but would have kept making protests until justice was done.
    many happy wishes from london
    nick johnstone

  43. I am so grateful to see that Roxana Saberi has been released and I hope whatever maladies she has suffered while in Evin would be healed in the quickest possible time. I am so glad to see that she will be reunited with family, friends and loved ones.
    To me, this ordeal that Ms. Saberi suffered was another example of a government with totalitarian leanings violating the liberties of citizens who may, in their eyes, expose the shortcomings of their societies for the wider world to see.
    These trials of Ms. Saberi are all the more damning when one considers that she would have never have suffered any of these injustices in the place in which she grew up, even if she were pursuing the exact same profession.
    The entire world was watching; and I hope we all never forget that tyranny is only victorious when left unchecked.
    Again, my heartfelt best wishes goes out to Ms. Saberi and her family.

  44. Roxana—This is the best news! Please take care of yourself and come home soon.

    Thank you to the purveyors of this website and others who have publicized Roxana’s case, expressed their support, and called for her release.

    Jeff Thompson
    Phoenix, AZ

  45. Dear Roxana, I am truly happy about your release! You had a great deal of LUCK!!!!
    Enjoy your regained freedom, love, Sjanien from the Netherlands

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