Hunger strike: Day 8

Today, as Roxana’s case is reconsidered on appeal, the FreeRoxana hunger strike continues. Nearly 400 people around the globe have signed up to fast for a day for Roxana!

Twenty of those participants are fasting today. They’re going hungry in Israel, Canada and Italy, and in states including Florida, West Virginia and Hawaii.

Why are these supporters joining the fast?

“As a fellow journalist,” writes Suzelle Tempero of Chicago, “I want to support Roxana in her effort to report the truth.”

Click “Read More” to see the list of today’s participants.

Flo Johnson
Fort Smith, AR, USA.
* I am surprised that our government seems to be ignoring Roxana and I want to do something to bring attention to her plight and the danger she is in. I want Roxana to know that I am deeply concerned about her life and safety. I want her parents to feel that they do not suffer alone. I want Roxana to know that, as a Christian, I am praying for her.

Shereen Marisol Meraji
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* I met Roxana years ago at UNITY, briefly.  When I worked for NPR as a producer we spoke over the phone or by e-mail many times.  I’m half Iranian and a journalist (we’re the same age) and I’ve always been proud of Roxana’s willingness to work in Iran…and I just can’t believe the Iranian government is doing this to her!!!!!  She’s so courageous and always had good things to say about living and working in Iran.  Happy Birthday, Roxana.  Fasting one day is not enough. Let me know what else I can do to support this cause.

Nadia Cooke
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Forzana Khanom
London, United Kingdom

Mike Bicknell
Austin, TX, USA
* Her imprisonment is the crime.  We need to advocate for any working journalist who is imprisoned or injured–our profession depends upon freedom of movement, of speech, of association.  She needs us, we need her.

Jude Whitebear
Chugiak, AK, USA
* Journalists in dangerous countries are doing important work that few volunteer for.  This is NOT a crime.  Roxana is being abused for doing her job and for her principles.  Everyone should help support stopping this kind of injustice!

Jean Wilson
Valrico, FL, USA
* To show support of Roxana Saberi’s hunger strike against her unjust imprisonment and help her end her own strike so that her health does not fail.  Also to show Iran and our country that people around the world are concerned about imprisoning people who voice their opinions about the Iranian government as well as journalists and bloggers who are reporting what is happening in Iran.  Hopefully this will make our current administration aware that we need to help these people.

Eva Shannon
Princeton, WV, USA
* For justice and human rights.

Eliza Talbot
Kailua, HI, USA
* Iran needs to be more aware of its human rights issues and respect all people.  This is a travesty and America needs to unite behind Roxana.

Sofia Tarassod
Nashville, TN, USA
* As a Journalist, the freedom of Roxana Saberi is as vital to me as it is to her.

Evelyn Triantafillou
Lowellville, OH, USA
* She should not have to bear this hunger strike alone. It was unjust for her to have been put in prison.

Steven Sukert
Evanston, IL, United States
* As an undergraduate at Northwestern University, I read about Saberi’s arrest several days before it began appearing on the national stage.  After reading many of Saberi’s foreign correspondence pieces on NPR and the BBC, I became further empathetic with her plight. Iran has many legitimate grievances toward the United States, but imprisoning an innocent journalist is a petty act that exhibits contempt for the free press that will ultimately only damage the interests of the Iranian people.

Giorgio Nardi
Castelnuovo Magra-La Spezia, Italy
* Which reasons do they serve over the jail and the risk of death penalty?

Suzelle Tempero
Chicago, IL, USA
* As a fellow journalist, I want to support Roxana in her effort to report the truth.

Alanna Le
Tel Aviv, Israel

Gregory Christakos
Worcester, MA, USA

Marie Nuchols
Denton, TX, USA

Cristina Bandinelli
Rome, Italy

Antonio DUVA
Milano, Italy
* For free Roxana, for free press, for human rights

Katayoon Montazemi
Santa Monica, CA, USA
* In solidarity with Roxana and as a one who survived Evin Prison for 5 years and a former political prisoner I will go on hunger strike. I know what she is going through and hope that she will be free soon. My heart goes out to her parents. However, Roxana and her parents need to know they are not alone in this struggle. May there will be a day that there will be no political prisoners in Iran and throughout the globe.


One thought on “Hunger strike: Day 8

  1. I learned about fasting to support Roxana Saberi thanks to Demi Moore via Twitter. I signed up for fasting on May 9th, which was yesterday. Even though I started at midnight May 9th (I was still awake until 2AM), I didn’t eat anything until after midnight (today). Little did I know that Roxana’s face is imprinted in my mind, and I can’t stop thinking about her at this very minute. I am waiting anxiously for the ruling today.

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