Hunger strike: Day 7

The BBC is reporting that Roxana’s appeal is now set for Sunday — tomorrow — instead of Tuesday.

Read the full report here

More than 380 people around the world have signed up to go hungry for a day for Roxana as part of our relay fast. The 18 volunteers stepping up today do so with the hopes of bringing Roxana home.

Participants today hail from Ireland, Finland and the Philippines, as well as across the United States in Montana, New Mexico, California and Texas.

“Journalists have an important role to fulfill in our lives,” wrote hunger strike participant Mark  Santarelli of Los Angeles. ” Thank you, Roxana, for your bravery and conviction to face injustice.”

Click “Read More” to see the list of supporters fasting today.

Kelsey Atherton
Albuquerque, NM, USA
* Because press freedom is vital, and because she has a right to be returned to her country.

Krystle Perez
Chico, CA, USA
* As a journalism student, I value freedom of speech, no matter where you are in the world. As a woman, I value strength and courage in the face of adversity. As a human, I value what Roxana is doing for the world, which is simply reporting what she sees. Above all else, I feel the Iranian government is using Roxana as a pawn instead of solving the problems within their government.

Caroline Zilk
Little Rock, AR, USA
* I identify with Roxana because I’m also a journalist. I’ve worked abroad for organizations that support human rights and press/media freedom. It is something I’ve become passionate about, and is something I wish more people would become educated about. I hope, by fasting, I can do my part to help Roxana be released & to educate others about this issue.

Cole Murphy
Livingston, MT, USA
* I briefly dated Roxana in college, and continued to talk fairly regularly until she went to Iran.  She is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and talented people I’ve ever known.  I know her, and I know that if she is not released, her hunger strike will take her life.  We need to end this now.

Pat Anderson
Tucson, AZ, USA
* I believe Roxana should be released and would like to help support her.

Theresa Stewart
San Jose, CA, USA
* I am fasting for Roxanna because she is an American citizen who was trying ( at great risk ) to shine a light on the treatment of women in Iran. Iran as well as many other Arab countries, are committing acts of terrorism against their own female population on an hourly basis. This woman is a hero and I feel it is my duty as an American and as a woman to lend my strength to Roxanna in her time of need.

Ehsan Nourbaksh

Roro Roulias
Philadephia, PA, USA
* While I respect the Iranian culture and the Islamic beliefs, there is no valid factor that would justify Ms. Saberi’s imprisonment.  I have a few friends from Iran who are either Assyrian or call themselves Persians.  They would never favor the government’s decision to imprison Roxana.  If I fast, I will be thinking of Roxana Saberi and her emotional pain through my starvation.

Katayoun Lotfi
Dublin, Ireland

Vargha Bahagir
Helsinki, Finland

Melissa Eckstein
Denton, TX, USA
* A strong belief in standing behind the right to have freedom of speech, religion, etc.

Cathy Guiles
Middletown, NY, USA
* I’m a Medill alumna as well (MSJ ‘08), and I support Ms. Saberi 100 percent. My friends and I hope and pray she will be released soon.

Liza Berger
Evanston, IL, USA

Mark  Santarelli
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* I feel that journalists have an important role to fulfill in our lives.  Thank you Roxana for your bravery and conviction to face injustice.

Daniel Swann
Boston, MA, USA
* I believe in a free press and a democratic rule of law, and the sooner the Islamic Repulic of Iran accepts this the sooner its citizens will taste the freedom they deserve.

Gwen Miles
Quezon City, Philippines
* I strongly believe she is innocent.  Iranian clerics are just jealous that a young, beautiful woman could be so intelligent, smart and free! They have to put her away so other Iranian women would not try to follow her example.

Katia Donato
Bologna, Italy
* Solidarietà, e timore che la libertà di espressione si stia perdendo anche nal mio paese.

Jamie Jo France
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
* I want her free and i want it now! my heart is breaking and i have had enough of these kind of heartbreaks! i haven’t been able to sleep or eat well since finding out. and a day will not go by that i do not think of her and do something that will raise awareness of her plight. love to all that are working towards the release of her and to the end of all such injustices.


One thought on “Hunger strike: Day 7

  1. Roxana means no harm to Iran or Islam. She is a lovely woman who has been misunderstood. Set her free and you will receive blessings. We Love Her and Love is the only way to peace for all of us! Dr. Steve Newdell

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