Hunger strike: Day 6

We’re still fasting for Roxana, keeping in mind her upcoming May 12 appeal. More than 370 people have signed up to hunger strike in her name.

The 15 volunteers going hungry today remind us that, as Jeff Sonstein of Rochester, NY, writes, “Journalism is not a crime.”

Fasting in states like Texas, Illinois, Alabama and Wisconsin, these volunteers demonstrate that support for Roxana isn’t limited to one part of the country. In fact, that support extends around the world, as shown by friends who are fasting today in France, Mexico and England.

Click “Read More” to see the full list of today’s participants.

S. Swae-Shampine
Grand Haven, MI, USA

Sheetal Nasta
Houston, TX, USA
* To get this the attention and urgency it deserves. To let the decision-makers and negotiators know there are many who care no matter how long this goes on and we are watching. To provide Roxana some moral support, letting her know she’s not in this alone or forgotten like yesterday’s news.

Isabel Rodriguez
Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Jeff Sonstein
Rochester, NY, USA
*Journalism is not a crime, and the lives of journalists should not be endangered by politics.

Tammy P.
Chicago, IL, USA
* I feel its important to show support for Roxana and the other American women who are being falsely imprisoned.  It’s the least I can do.

Marvin Pettey
San Francisco, CA, USA
* For the majority of my adult life I have provided services in support of recent immigrants to the US. Their stories have deeply affected me. I am as a result a long-time participant in Amnesty International efforts to aid prisoners of conscience. I also firmly believe that a free and open discussion of issues is essential to maintaining safe and compassionate societies. If fasting will help here, it is not a sacrifice.

Susan  Hart
Denton, TX, USA
* To raise awareness and support for Roxana and the other journalists held by the government of North Korea.

M. Nicolas Chedot
Paris, France
* I am a friend of Roxana, we’ve known for over ten years. We met at Concordia when I was a French exchange student. We always kept in touch, she visited me twice in France. Last email I received was dated January the 30st, the day before she was arrested. I have to fight for her, I already joined Reporters Sans Frontières in their action for Roxana in Paris. Iran must free Roxana.

Amy Sullivan
Chelmsford, MA, USA
* This is so unjust

Victoria Cumbow
Huntsville, AL, USA
* I am a journalist, and this is a cause I believe in. I am praying for Roxana, and I trust she will be taken care of and released soon.

Mihaela Secrieru
London, UK
* This is not a domestic legal affair, as Iranian authorities claim. The world must rebel, or the abuse of power of oppressors and persecutors will no longer find limits.

Kathryn Mullen
Evanston, IL, USA
* To support a fellow journalist and member of the Northwestern community.

Joie Chen
Washington, DC, USA
* I met Roxana when she was a college student through AAJA, saw her flourish at our shared alma mater, Medill, and have appreciated and enjoyed her work on NPR. She is deeply committed to telling the stories that draw cultures and people together; it is a tragic irony that her imprisonment is uniting voices from around the world.
Nothing we can do will match her sacrifice, but somewhere in the darkest moments of her challenge I hope she will know that our hearts and hope are with her.

Julie Zirbel
Tucson, AZ, USA
* I’m fasting in honor of Roxana, a brave and beautiful woman who stands for all oppressed women of the world.  Am holding the bright space of hope for her especially during those moments when she feels very little hope at all.  May she have the strength to persevere and an intuitive knowledge that millions of women around the world are behind her, even if they are not responding publicly.  Peace and comfort to Roxana.  Julie, Arizona, USA

Sara Zmudzinski
Milwaukee, WI, USA
* This absolutely breaks my heart. I can’t stop thinking about this brave and intelligent woman. My thoughts are with her every day.


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