Hunger strike: Day 5

“It’s my honer to fast for a girl who is so brave to fight for the truth,” wrote Shahram Rezaie of Wellington, New Zealand.

She’s one of 37 supporters fasting today for Roxana. More than 360 people have volunteered to go hungry for the cause.

Today’s group hails from states including Alaska, Michigan, Washington and North Carolina, and counties including England, Italy and New Zealand.

Click “Read more” to see today’s list of participants.

Ammar Mahmood
London, UK
* Freedom of press is not negotiable or conditional. End of.

Beth F.
Columbus, OH, USA

Kira McGurrin
Cambridge, MA, USA
* Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, supporting the reporters that risk their lives to deliver us the truth.

Mitra Savar
Wayne, PA, USA
* Everybody deserves an open and fair trial. Roxanna is an Iranian who cared for her country. We will cherish her and can’t wait for her to be free.

Tammy  Bruce
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* To help with your efforts to bring light to the situation, plus to show solidarity with Roxana, as well as Laura Ling and Euna Lee in North Korea.

Crystal Clark
Spokane, WA, USA
* I think it’s important to show solidarity for Roxana and raise awareness for the injustice of this case. She is a bit of celebrity, so this story is getting a lot of press, but I imagine there are more instances similar to this happening to people we’ve never heard of.

Ashley Kahn
Evanston, IL, U.S.

Martha Clifford
Washington, DC, USA

K. DeAndré Harris O’Kelley
Chicago, IL, USA

Shahram Rezaie
Wellington, New Zealand
* Iran’s government must know that the people like Roxana will stand for their right. It’s time for freedom, it’s time for truth. It’s my honer to fast for a girl who is so brave to fight for the truth. Dorood bar Roxana and she must be released.

Rod Laughridge
San Francisco, CA, USA
* Because she actually is what I only sometimes claim to be, and I have to support that.

Jeff Palaferri
San Diego, CA, USA
* This new US President doesn’t care. He is “disappointed”. What a joke. The people need to take action here as well as on so many other issues as a result of this new administration and the potential disasters we are headed towards thanks to their disjointed worldview.

Lisa Loving
Portland, OR, USA
* I too am a multimedia journalist and offer the utmost respect and support for Roxana and her family during this painful time.

Lois Shuford
Evanston, IL, USA
* I know Roxana from my years at Medill and want to help carry this burden with her. I know her to be a person of integrity and the highest journalistic ethics; and I care passionately about the importance of a free press.

Sandy Heikes
Anchorage, AK, USA
* Roxana needs all our support. I personally can add my voice and body to raise awareness for the supression of all women. God Bless. Bring Roxana Home.

M. Fisher
Corona, CA, USA
* Support for Roxana – She is not forgotten – May 7 is also the National Day of Prayer.

Mary Ann Weston
Evanston, IL, USA
* I want Roxana to know that her friends and colleagues at the Medill School of Journalism, as well as journalists and advocates for a free press everywhere, are supporting her and working for her quick release.

Brandon Jones
Moorhead, MN, USA
* I am a current cobber and support my fellow cobbers.

Zack Stanton
New Baltimore, MI, USA
* Roxana Saberi has been unjustly jailed by a government which has, time and again, shown itself uninterested in justice. I am fasting in solidarity with Roxana and her brave fight for both her own freedom and that of the press.

Rosanna Pilotti
Florence, Italy
* I’m going to fast because I want to support Roxana.
Journalism must be free. Journalism is not a crime.
Freedom for Roxana!

Elizabeth Herzog
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Adrienne Wienir
Encino, CA, USA
* I am participating in this strike to show solidarity with Roxanna who has been denied her right to an open and fair trial and has been sentenced unjustly.  While  we enjoy the rule of law in the West, we must not take this for granted and stand idly by when such basic human rights are denied others. I want Roxanna to know that she is not alone in this.

Colette Blomquist
Fridley, MN, USA
* I do not think this is right. She did not do anything wrong. Yesterday may 3 2009 I went to my sister in-laws college graduation at Concordia College and Roxanna was to be the gust speaker there and because of what has happened she could not be there. So this whole case has struck very close to home for all of us. At the graduation one of Roxanna’s mentors spoke on behalf for her and it was very beautiful. It was very sad to though almost every one in the gym was crying for you Roxanna and I am hoping and praying for you my 3 year old daughter is praying for you also but she is too young to fast for you but she is for sure thinking of you we all love you here in Minnesota and hope that you come home very soon

David Lai
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Heidi Michael
Alexandria, VA, USA
* Because you should.
Nulli Anna Maria
Messina, Italy

Travis Blomquist
Hastings, MN, USA
* My sister graduated from the same school roxana did i heard her story and am a suporter of her and want her home safe and sound.

Denise Friselli
Pisa, Italy
* Attraverso i notiziari e successivamente attraverso i contatti con l’Associazione Radicale LiberaPisa.

R.J. Dickens
Wichita, KS, USA
* Suppression by government of the free flow of information is folly. By standing with Roxana, I tell governments around the world there is no place for them to run from the truth, no place to hide that which they do not wish seen.

Judy  Sloth
Andover, MN, USA
* I was at the Cordia Moorhead commencement and I feel moved after hearing more about this woman to fast and protest her imprisonment.  She is a valuable human being who could bring good to Iran and this is how there government treats her.  This is there great loss of a great mind, soul and body that could only help them with many, many things in their country.  This is an  act of stupidity.  It is their act of pushing us away farther and again, their loss.

Connie Malone
Fargo, ND, USA
* She is a very sweet woman and is from ND where I live. I met her at a school assignment and also when she was miss ND. A one day trial and conviction is nonsense. I’m infuriated with this. She deserves support and to know people are standing strong behind her. God bless her.

Renato Sabini
Tivoli, Italy

Mary Burns
Portland, ME, USA

Scott Sachnoff
Chicago, IL, USA
* Support journalistic freedom around the world

Heidi Jund
Chicago, IL, USA
* Roxana Saberi does not deserve to be imprisoned and used as a political pawn. If you take a common sense approach to the Iranian government’s position–that she was spying for the US–you will quickly realize that even the suggestion is ridiculous. If she was a spy then why was she not “undercover”? Why was she living her life openly in Iran? Why is she not now nor was she ever an employee of the US government? What does her educational and employment background suggest to you, that she is a journalist or a spy? Roxana Saberi is not a criminal. I hope my fast and that of other supporting her cause bring awareness to her innocence. FREE ROXANA SABERI!!

Belinda Luck
Rosemead, CA, USA
* Her rights should not be taken away simply because of Iranian politics. We must all stand up for her if we believe in having a liberal democracy

Carol Hills
Dedham, MA, USA
* Roxana used to file pieces for our program The World but my primary reason is that people shouldn’t be jailed for no reason. It’s a basic human rights issue. Her situation is appalling.

Christopher Lee
Wilmington, NC, USA


3 thoughts on “Hunger strike: Day 5

  1. An e-mail has been sent to the Iran Ambassador, and to the Secretary of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki Moon.

    The proposal was sent:

    To have the Iran’s flag lowered among all the other flags, as a quiet and peaceful pression with an international code messge for all the world to see.

    I hope someone else read it, and if you think it is a good idea, please enforce it.

  2. It appears that Roxana Saberi is being forgotten, and other faces are been showing instead of hers.

    The main reason is to have her free, and to make a commerce of her life.

    In the beginning, everyone is interested! Then, people start forgetting the main issue. Their faces and their words are printed, and not the victim’s fate, and how she is doing, as well as parents who are fighting for her.

    I hope that the American people who talked so much about freedom, make a national note of how ridiculus is to forget their own.!

  3. I will be checking on her until they release her.

    I hope all the other people do not forget it! It can be you on her shoes, and you will know the importance of not losing focus, and persistent to get someone free.

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