Roxana ends hunger strike

Roxana’s father, Reza Saberi, said Wednesday that after two weeks his daughter has ceased her hunger strike.

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18 thoughts on “Roxana ends hunger strike

  1. If I could, and I had a lot of paper with numerical value, I would pay for everyone around the world for other countries to request a Visa to visit Iran, and all the people who were not born in Iran, would wave their passports, as they do not consider DualCitizenship, therefore, Roxana Saberi is not property of Iran. She should be in prison there. She should be given a chance to prove to her country that she was wrongly framed as a spy. Journalist are not spies. They are people who write things about everything! She thought that this place, allowed by the United Nations and the Security Council to be considered as a legal place in the planet earth. The Security Council purpose is Interantional Peace and Security. If a nation behaves in an insecure diplomatic manner in legal interpretation of Human Rights, this place with a name and a flag is to be removed from the United Nations. As it sees Iran is behaving in a manner, which contradicts the necessary features pertaining to what a nation is to be. However, President Iran was given the opportunity to speak in Geneva, around the time, Ms Saberi was been sentenced for 8 years in her prison with closed doors.
    What can the Security Council do about this discrepancy?

  2. She should not be in prison nowwhere, but if to get her out, we need to be in prison here, please bring her to stay with me as a “punishment”, so I could mother her.

  3. I have been asking people around if they know about this case in the US. It appears as they respond, that she is not her top priority. It reminds me of the movie Hotel Rwanda. The United Nations left Paul behind, and the Hotel ownern in Belgian, the bless man, made the right calls, and Paul and all the people he had under His wings got saved.

    The Security Council connected to the United Nations is to be on top of this case. The State Department let us know that they do not accept Dual Citizenship, so she could ever be treated as a National?
    They should had in mind, if they have any, that she was born or raised as a woman who cannot punch back. So, I do not understand, how she is still in Iran today, and in their prison. She was born in North Dakota, her mother is Japanese. The mother is Japanese. Japan is not a crazy nation. Japan is very organized. Japan has Aso Taro, Prime Minister. Japan is not in the Security Council, but China, France, Russia and United States are, so why Iran is not releasing this young woman?
    Why they are not listening to nobody?
    Why does the Iran flag is waving in New York Right Now?
    I would take the Iran flag down until Roxana and others in similar despicable accusations are released.
    Where is the report Iran has, so that people can read?
    I was able to reada everything President Iran has said in the Conference. How can the people who together are asking for her release, not heard?
    Where are the people you vote for in Politics?
    These top leaader officials can put a pression on the Security Council to act with the power they have, unless they do not have any.

  4. Nobody likes to be called Axis of Evil, however, if evil is all we see, is it wrong to call the De Facto, what it is?

    The US has accused the Islamic state trying to acquire nuclear weapons and supporting terrorism, while Tehran has called the US the “Great Satan” and enemy of Islam and Muslims worldwide.

    Roxana Saberi has never called Iran Axis of Evil. She dressed accordingly, and her father is originated from this type of culture country, and Evil is trying to take her freedom.

  5. All efforts by the last three Iranian presidents to improve bilateral ties have failed, but there are high hopes in Iran that a new era could start after Obama takes office next month.

    Obama took office. Obama has tried to make sense to you, and no response.
    How can the new president improve bilateral ties with people who charge an America Citizen over of a bottle of wine, first, and then jump to espionage?

    Obama is the Executive Commander of the United States, and the United States is part of the Security Council?

    If a bunch of Americans and non Americans from China, France, Russia and United States write to the Securitu Council to put the Iran flag down up to the return of Roxana Saberi, would be an Axis of Evil action?
    Or a peaceful message to Iran?

  6. One has to congratulate President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has urged Tehran’s chief prosecutor to ensure Saberi be allowed a full defense during her appeal. Geneva representatives for Roxana Saberi has to be present, and the public need to know how an appeal is done, when the words of woman is not full credibiltiy proof, according to Iran’s law on women, unless, President of Iran has changed this policy. Because, people around the world has access to your full wonderful speech on Racism. So, cameras should be allowed in the Iran Court, so that Justice is enforced in Full Clean Force.

  7. One has to agree one hundred percent with the President of the United States

    T:he U.S. has called the accusations against Saberi, a dual American-Iranian citizen, baseless and demanded her release.

    I, myself has been accused of despicable charges for speaking up in Brazil to a Mail Clerk in a Post Office in Sao Pedro D’aldeia, and the purpose of the filing is to get money from me. On March 18, 2004, I had to be in court, and thanks to John Rhodes choosing to be there, at the time the soldiers were called by the Judge, who had refused to take my evidence, John Rhodes called my name loud and the soldiers were stopped, and he was somehow forced by the Power of Jesus Christ to take my evidence. So, in her case, one has to be present, with a pefect English to Iran Translator, her parents, and some other Human Rights Representative, so that Justice is enforced. Otherwise, liars will come out with a verdict that is not true. Life cannot be taken from noone on lies.Not one day in prison is acceptable on false charges

  8. We can’t influence the judge’s verdict (but hope) the verdict will be reconsidered at the appeals court,” the official IRNA news agency quoted judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi as saying. The statement was seen as a rare prediction from the judiciary about a pending case.

    Justice is Rare! When Just people get together, we do not let a brother or sister to be taken for granted.

    Judiciary means law. Law is a set rules to be interpreted and understood, without no reasonable doubt. It sounds very clear, there are nothing but doubts. So, she is to be out. Unless, Mr. Jamshidi does not understand the short meaning of such powerful interpretation.

  9. In Washington, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the U.S. wanted to see “a transparent appeals process.”

    “We are working with our allies to press the government in Tehran to disclose fully the charges against Ms. Saberi and ensure that she is being treated properly,” said Wood.

    Iran is a nation. The flag is in the United Nations, and until today, the United Sates could not get a report of the Appeal process.

    United States of America allies need to get there and fast. With no limitation, so she can reach her destination.

  10. Saberi, who was born in the United States and grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, moved to Iran six years ago and worked as a freelance journalist for news organizations including National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Corp.

    She received Iranian citizenship because her father was born in Iran. So, the Iranian people has used the fact that her father was born in Iran, made her Iranian, and then hold her in prison on blood connection, and the Iranian men do not eat pig or pork. If this is not a pork thing, one has to come out with another explanation.

    Just because her father was born in Iran, it does not make her to be Iranian mind. She has her own mind.

  11. Iran has released few details about the charges against Saberi.
    She was arrested in late January and initially accused of working without press credentials.

    First, you consider Iranian, then you accuse her of working without press credentials. If she is Iranian to you, do you need Press Credentials?

    They took her Press Credential from the US, so when did she stopped being considered Iranian?

    Does Iran issued Press Credentials?

    She entered the country with Journalist credentials, so they consider her Iranian, and no knowledge, just like the law on demeaning women is.

  12. But an Iranian judge leveled a far more serious allegation against her earlier this month, charging that she passed classified information to U.S. intelligence services.

    What Iran consider Classified Information, may be information that it is so simple, and others with intelligence, laugh at the classification level. Unless, there was a plot to kill the Pope. That would be Classified information. Otherwise, what does Iran have as Classified?
    Nuclear Plant! People know that! So, it is no longer classified.

    Saberi’s parents and the U.S. have denied that she was a spy. Correct! Today, thanks to Google, and all Internet web sites, classified information has become obsolete..

  13. Which Law School all the lawyers in the Judiciary Committee have attended?

    I bet some graduated fron London Schools.

    Now, Top London Schools will be highly upset to find out that the Iranians students did not learn everything about law and Jurisdiction.

  14. The initial investigation of Saberi was done by an expert on security and counterespionage at the Intelligence Ministry before her case was referred to the court.

    When did this man got his credentials from?

    The expert presented a report to the judiciary. The court investigated the report and found her guilty.” IRNA quoted Ejehi as saying.

    Ejehi also said that Saberi worked as an Iranian national and never asked to operate as an American journalist.

    So, all this time, she has been obedient, by even choosing to work as an Iranian national, and then she is charged as a spy?

    Saberi didn’t use her non-Iranian nationality.
    She entered Iran as an Iranian with an Iranian passport,” he was quoted by IRNA as saying.

    This young woman choose to honor Iran with her brain, and the Iranian people-men, treat her like that?

    Iran has stressed that although Saberi is a dual national, the courts are treating her strictly as an Iranian citizen in an apparent effort to show they are not prosecuting her because she is American.

    The courts are prosecuting her just because she is Iranian then?

    In Iran’s view, the U.S. has no legal justification to intervene in Saberi’s case because she is being treated as an Iranian _ not an American

    However, if Iran understands Geneva Convention, Roxana can surrender her Iranian Citizenship, which is not her birht citizenship, and opt for her birth rights citizenship land: United States of America.

  15. Jamshidi said Saberi’s lawyer appealed the verdict, and the ruling by the appeals court will be final.

    Any time, in anywhere, where it is found that an accusation is based on false allegation, the Court has to hear the new evidence.

    Unless, in Iran, the Law is completely different from all the other nations under the United Nations umbrella.

    Saberi’s parents, who live in Fargo but are in Iran to press for their daughter’s release,

    Just by the fact, her parents are Iran for their daughter, it shows they do not live there. So, by continuus residence, and blood connection, Roxana is far from being Iranian.

    told The Associated Press Monday that they had been allowed to visit their daughter in prison. Her father said his daughter was in good condition and was looking forward to the appeal.

    It is hard to be in good condition where one is jailed. I do not buy this one, however the parents out of fear for her daughter’s worse condition, will say anything to please dictators.

  16. The United States broke off diplomatic relations with Iran after its 1979 Islamic revolution and takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

    Ayotallah is the Poetic Man. He was the leader of this Revolution.

    Diplomatic Relations are very important for business. Otherwise, no matter how much black market one engages in, the money does not flow the same way.

    Geneva Banks can be very nice for Iranian business men to have all their nice hard work wealthy gaining Euro interest, and since Iran has been mostly lukewarm to the Obama administration’s overtures, and Ahmadinejad has said Iran was ready for a new start, one has to believe him. After all, his speech in Geneva was amazing.

  17. Saberi’s conviction came about two months ahead of key presidential elections in June that are pitting hard-liners against reformists,

    Hard- Liners do not like women. One can interpret as men who like other men.

    Reformists : Men who like women very much.

    Which line is Ayotallah?

    I bet he is from the Hard Line!

    Reformists: support better relations with Washington.

    Ahmadinejad is seeking re-election, but the hard-liner’s popularity has waned and he has been trying to draw support away from his top reformist opponent, former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi.

    The world of Reforming minds love people like Ahmadinejad, especially when he releases Roxana. Especially in Geneva.


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