Hunger strike: Day 3

More and more people are signing up to fast for a day for Roxana! We now have more than 300 volunteers going on hunger strike between May 3 – 14.

Today’s 42 volunteers are fasting across the country, in states like New Jersey, Tennessee, North Carolina and Nevada, and around the world in countries including Finland, Italy, Germany and Colombia.

Their reasons for supporting Roxana are moving. Among them, a simple yet powerful statement from Adam Mayes of London:  “Because in a world where we can fight injustice, we must fight it.”

Click “Read More” to see who’s fasting today, or check out the entire list of supporters.

Media: See our latest press release.

Free Roxana!

Adam Mayes
London, England
* Because in a world where we can fight injustice, we must fight it.

Lizzie Niezen
Aventura, FL, USA
* She’s a female pawn, being used in a political game between nations. Poor girl!

Eric Pillischer
Commack, NY, USA
* Saw her picture, couldn’t believe that they’d arrested her on such an obviously trumped up charge, tired of watching them turn everything on its head and don’t want them to do it to her.

Bill Murphy
Houston, TX, USA

Alan Nunez
Ridgefield, NJ, USA
* I am moved by her situation. People I respect are moved by her situation as well (Chris Anderson, TED).

Maegan Roudabush
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Piotr Trzesniowski
Berlin, Germany
* We live in the 21st century now and the personal freedom, just like the freedom of speech and press, should be respected. Miss Saberi cannot be left alone in this manifestation of appalling injustice.

Christina Cuenat
New Orleans, LA, USA
* The injustice hits home.

Pouyan Roxanadust
New York City, NY, USA
* I believe Roxana is innocent.

Gabrielle Roudabush
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
* Freedom from government tyranny is one of the most powerful rights granted to American’s in their Constitution.  We have to make our voices heard for all of those, like Roxana, who have no rights in countries like Iran.  We have been given so much and it’s part of our obligation as world citizens to promote the cause of liberty and freedom everywhere.

Christine Roberts
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* People should be free to write, print whatever they want.  Not be forced to write what the government wants.  Just as long as it is the truth.  Not this made up tabloid stuff.

Sara Hall
Vail, CO, USA
* Roxana is a beatuiful and intelligent woman who has made an effort to help the world see the Iranian people in a positive light.  That the Iranian legal system have the audacity to undermine that is absolutely abhorrent.

Kellie Baker
Kingsport, TN, USA
* Because it’s wrong for them to still be holding her in prison.  My thoughts and prayers are with Roxanna and her family, and I will be fasting on May 5th to show her my support.

Byron Kerman
St. Louis, MO, USA
* Freedom, baby. I am a Northwestern Medill grad (BSJ ’93) also. It could be me in that jail for no reason.

Lisa Ruth
Tucson, AZ, USA

Indigo C.
Tahoe, NV, USA

Alyssa Gaggino
Royal Oak, MI, USA

Victoria Capon
Glendale, AZ USA
* Free Roxana!

Adam Whiteley
Beloit, WI, USA

Astrid Jacobi

Victoria Capon
Glendale, AZ, USA
* Free Roxana.

Mary Coffman
Washington, DC, USA
* Roxana was my student at Northwestern’s Medill D.C. ten years ago.  I knew then she would be an exceptional journalist and she is.  I hope this small gesture will offer her hope.

Katharine Holt
Chattanooga, TN, USA
* Roxanna has committed no crime, she and her family deserve their lives back. My heart goes out to her and her fellow political prisoners. The Evin Prison is notorious for their practices of brutal torture, the likes of which President Obama would turn pale and vomit. That my president leaves this woman to rapists, murderers and unlawful sadists makes me ill. I want her to see freedom. I want her family to come home with her. I want her to be a priority.

Minna Turunen
Joensuu, Finland

Cooper Vertz
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
* Helps promote regime change in Iran.

Rev.  Anthony Gamblin D.Div
Tecumseh, OK, USA
* Iran has treated Roxana terribly, and such grave miscarriages of justice can not be allowed to happen. I am fasing and praying for Roxana’s release. May God bless her.

Dena Pettyjohn
Huntsville, AL, USA
* It is an absolute injustice when our American citizens are detained for basic human rights. I will not support this unjust detention of one of our own, when my own husband fights for the freedom and rights of our country daily. I will join Roxanna in her fast, and want her to know she is never ever alone. You are in our prayers Roxanna, and we serve to give you a voice.

Nira Penn
Cali, Colombia
* I believe in the work that Roxana is doing. As a teacher and a writer, I feel that anyone who can stand with her should because any one of us could be in her place. My prayers are with her and with all who are united to fast on her behalf.

Joshua Kilroy
Chicago, IL, USA
* I am appalled by Roxana’s treatment by the Iranian government.

Obalid Younan
* Freedom of Speech.

Stephen Warcup
Las Vegas, NV, USA
* For The Freedom of all, And for Roxana Saberi.

A Friend
London, England

Mariella  Regoli
Roma, Italy
* Sono una giornalista italiana. Le mie ragioni sono :giustizia e libertà

Jessica Huitt
Bossier City, LA, USA

Francesco Randazzo
Rome, Italy
* Freedom, democracy, human rights.

Molly Johannes
Byron, MN, USA
* I don’t believe she could possibly have gotten a fair trial, and the world needs to be aware of her plight.

David Proctor
Dundee, UK
* A free press is an essential component of every society that respects human rights.  Roxana has done her part, and I’d like to lend any support that I can.

Dawn Bland
Durham, NC, USA
* “This is my forth day of Hunger Strike against Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions, Torture of Prisoners, Stoning Sentences, Execution of juvenile offenders, Numerous Death Penalties and to Support ROXANA SABERI and all other political Prisoners and others who resist against a managed presidential “election” and for free and fair elections in IRAN.” -Hassan Nayeb Hashem

Mariano Fenudi
Camaiore, Lucca, Italy

Bill Napolillo
Inverness, IL, USA
* I’m willing to do anything I can to support and help free Roxana from this outrageous human rights violation.

Amber Deaton D
Newport News, VA, USA
* I just heard about this and I think that what she’s undergoing is deplorable, and I cannot even imagine being in such a position. By fasting, even though the act doesn’t Directly benefit her, I can feel like I am supporting her the best way I know how, other than writing a letter, as this website suggests, to Iran’s ambassador, which I plan on doing, post-haste, in the morning.

Abgela Ragland
Louisville, KY, USA
* I think that she is wrongly jailed. There is nothing illegal that this woman did.


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