Roxana briefly in hospital

Roxana spent part of the day on Friday in a clinic in Evin jail after refusing water, The Associated Press reported.  She left the clinic the same day after drinking water again.


4 thoughts on “Roxana briefly in hospital

  1. I pray that diplomatic intervention and the good will of the Iranian people and Goverment will lead the leaders to free Rosana and allow her to return home to be cared for and returned to health by her family and friends. The people of Iran would become very much respected for doing the kind and gentle thing, and listening to all of us who plead for Roxana’s freedom.

  2. To paraphrase a comment from the article: Iran’s judiciary is independent and should not be influenced from the outside.

    Clearly there is someone exercising outside control over the judiciary when a trial of a foreign national occurs behind closed doors, in one day, open and shut. Someone is doing someone else a favor by putting Saberi in a cell, and the leadership are clearly self-delusional if they think we don’t see through to the true motive.

    At least she isn’t sitting in a prison on the shore of another country for five or six years, without a trial or even charges being filed, being waterboarded a few times a day, saying whatever the torturers want to hear just to make them relent. That would suck.

    I pray that Iran’s leaders are wiser than to imprison someone without a real trial and without genuine evidence, and that they let this innocent person go.

  3. Am ending another day of fasting for Roxana and I long for a strong administration that would demand her release — one that commands the respect that would result in her release.

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