Hunger strike: Day 2

More than 250 supporters have volunteered to fast for a day for Roxana! And the sign-ups are still coming in.

Today’s group of 54 are going hungry in Alaska, Montana, Arizona and Georgia, and as far away as Kenya, Iran, England and Mexico.

Why? Because, as Michelle Hetzler of Dallas, Texas, writes: “I support this effort because I am a Roxana Saberi fan. I have listened to her reporting on NPR for years. She is a fine, upstanding young woman who does not deserve this heavy handed treatment from the Iranian government. This fast is something I can do to maybe make a difference in the outcome of her false imprisonment.”

Click “Read More” to see who’s fasting today, or check out the entire list of supporters.

Free Roxana!

Neva Cavataio
Portland, OR, USA
* I want to help make people aware of Roxana’s plight.

Juan Alicea
Medford, NY, USA
* Having heard Roxana’s reporting on NPR numerous times, I have a connection and loyalty to her. Her professionalism is beyond reproach. It is unconscionable that Roxana’s credibility has been called into question in such an opaque process. Roxana’s imprisonment cries out the conscience of all good people.

Raya Rozenberg
Antwerpen, Belgium
* Freedom of press and Roxana’s return safe to her family.

Golshan Javadian
Fayetteville, NC, USA

Micah Ariel
Chicago, IL, USA

Marit Nelson
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Juanita Benedicto
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
* When people come together to fight injustice, there’s exponential power behind their cause.  I believe in advocacy and the dissemination of information.  I don’t want these basic rights to be taken from journalists and, in turn, from the rest of us.

Ernesta Hammersmith
Bozeman, MT, USA

Regina Leopold
Louisville, KY, USA
* I also used to be a journalist, although for a small town paper. I cannot imagine something like this happening to me or someone close to me.

Michelle Hetzler
Dallas, TX, USA
* I support this effort because I am a Roxana Saberi fan. I have listened to her reporting on NPR for years. She is a fine, upstanding young woman who does not deserve this heavy handed treatment from the Iranian government. This fast is something I can do to maybe make a difference in the outcome of her false imprisonment.

Christina Paschyn
Parma, OH, USA
* As a fellow journalist and graduate of Medill, I support Roxana Saberi.

Mary Jo Jurney
Glenview, IL, USA

Mari Kurisato
Denver, CO, USA
* Roxana Saberi has done nothing wrong, and it’s a human rights violation to treat her as she has been, but she is not alone.

Jon Marshall
Wilmette, IL USA
* As a member of the Northwestern University faculty and a fellow journalist, I believe we should show solidarity with Roxana.

Shari Weiss
Evanston, IL, USA

Allison Grant
Dansville, NY, USA

Madeleine Bair
Oakland, CA, USA
* I am a fellow journalist, and the silencing of one journalist is a threat to all of us who do this work and a blow to freedom of the press around the world.

Margo Melnicove
Boston, MA, USA
* I was Roxana’s mentor when she first got into public radio. Like Pres. Obama, I know the espionage charges against her are “baseless.” I found about about your website from Jack Doppelt. As a Medill alum, I am especially proud of and grateful to all of you for doing this. Thank you, with all my heart.

Sarah Harlow
Houston, TX, USA
* The injustices that Roxana Saberi has endured should never be placed on anyone’s shoulders. I pray for all to be made right, for her and for others in her position.

Kristi Rendahl
Saint Paul, MN, USA
* Roxana and I were college classmates. While my fast will do nothing to secure her release, it will be a symbolic act of solidarity as she struggles against injustice and political scheming.

Kathy Duan
Chicago, IL, USA

Duncan Moon
Anchorage, AK, USA
* I am a former NPR staff correspondent who wants to show solidarity.

Owen Falke
Brooklyn, NY, USA
* Fasts are an opportunity for reflection – on oneself, on a cause, on a purpose and a reason for being. They are motivating and focusing.

Shahar Shlomi
Mill Valley, CA, USA
* Interviewing people and writing about it is not spying. Iranians should be more sensitive to individuals’ liberties.

Karen Lugo Esq.
Riverside, CA, USA
* Freedoms of speech and liberty are core universal fundamental rights. Americans have championed due process before liberty can be taken. We must stand with Roxana in protest of the violation of all these basic freedoms. We must demand her release and spotlight her valiant fight. We support her and fast in solidarity with her. I am working with a group that has already been chain fasting for Roxana. Have encouraged them to join this effort and sign up here. We are stronger if working together and mighty in support of Roxana.

Sam Barrett
Chicago, IL, USA
* Some things are too important to ignore. Roxana is fighting not only for her rights, but for the rights of journalists and for the basic freedoms we take for granted.

Mary Lou Welz
Rochester, NY, USA
* I think I can do it with some heavy liquids like V-* and Fusion—THE CHALLENGE

Bradley Hummel
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
* Because she was wrongfully imprisoned. Period.

Anders Wells
Atlanta, GA, USA
* The government of Iran needs to understand that the truth is not a crime.  Imprisoning a journalist who has done nothing but tell the truth is an evil act.  And I truly believe that God will judge it as so.

Evan DeBarra
London, England
* Roxana is a person who, to me, represents individual and press freedom in the face of unaccountable powers. As well as fasting for a day, I have also written to the Iranian ambassador in London to plead her case. I wish Roxana strength in her protest and hope she will be free very soon.

Matthew Neal
Elida, OH, USA
* I want to do anything possible to get attention for Ms. Saberi’s cause.  I am saddened every moment that passes that she remains in prison.  I want the whole world to know that Roxana is on the mind of many Americans and that we will not forget about her.

Kristie Ashton
Raleigh, NC, USA
* I believe in freedom of speech. I was also a soccer player and appreciate Roxana’s athleticism. She is obviously a strong woman physically and mentally. If she can fast 12 days, I can do one. I support her.

Jonathan Miller
Nairobi, Kenya

Faith Christiansen Smeets
Phoenix, AZ, USA
* For justice and the freedom of information.

Kristen Farlow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
* Journalists are so important. They go out into the world and bring back the stories we need to hear.

Rebecca Rendahl
Raleigh, NC, USA

Anna B.
DeKalb, IL, USA

Ron Leuty
San Francisco, CA, USA
* Standing together!

Dorothea Schulz
Chicago, IL, USA
* Free Roxana!

Tricia Gleason
Brentwood, NY, USA
* To take a stand for justice and against oppression.

Baharak Keshani
Tehran, Iran

Matthew Castens
New Hope, MN, USA
* To protest the treatment of Roxana, and all political prisoners

Denise Kreps
San Diego, CA, USA
* When one voice is silenced
Where one person is chained
When one creed is hated
Where nothing but fear remains
We are all diminished.

Brenda Dissette
Chicago, IL, USA
* I do not believe that anyone should be held for uncovering the truth.

Nancy Roseo
Edison, NJ, USA
* Freedom – 1st amendment – Journalists only report the truth!!  Not Spy

Mary McDonough
Phoenix, AZ, USA
* I pray that Roxana comes home safe and soon. God Bless, Roxana. She is in our prayers.

Adam Gardner Mr.
Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
* I support the honor and integrity of journalists, journalism, and moreover the reverence demanded by the written word in all forms.

Sharon Campbell
Denver, CO, USA
* I am very concerned that Roxanna did nothing wrong!  The government of Iran has falsely accused her spying.  I am joining with Roxanna in her hunger strike.

Evalinde Eelens
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dusty Brackett
Springfield, IL, USA
* To show Roxanne she is not alone and we suffer along with her.

Leah Asplund
Plymouth, MN, USA
* Roxana deserves the support.

Tati Simmi
Rome, Italy
* We need to be only one voice to affirm free press and human rights.

Katherine Bair
Warren, OH, USA
* I believe in civilized, reasonable interactions among humans, and freedom of speech. I want Roxanna and her family, to know that she does not stand, or fast and suffer, alone. Also to prove to the Iranian government’ that this cruel insanity they practice of imprisoning (or worse) anyone they choose, will not be tolerated.  Wrong will fail and right prevail.

Jay Stange
Fairbanks, AK, USA
* I believe this journalist is innocent of the charges against her and I don’t like to see anyone used as a political pawn by any country, whether it’s the United States or Iran. We people must hold these two governments accountable for cowardly actions against individuals. I choose to send strength to Ms. Saberi this week.


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