FreeRoxana launches hunger strike

More than 150 200 volunteers around the world have signed up to fast in 24-hour shifts for the FreeRoxana hunger strike that begins Sunday, May 3.

Launching on World Press Freedom day, the staggered fast is in support of Roxana Saberi, the Iranian-American journalist jailed as a spy after a perfunctory trial in Tehran.

She began a hunger strike of her own on April 21 to demand her freedom. A former star soccer player, the North Dakota native is strong, healthy and determined – but she needs to preserve her strength in Iran’s notorious Evin prison.

That’s why the FreeRoxana campaign is organizing a fluids-only hunger strike – so Roxana can end her fast.

The 12-day fast will match Roxana’s personal hunger strike. Her parents, who have sworn to stay in Tehran until she is free, are passing the word to Roxana.

Each day on, we’ll list supporters who have agreed to fast. These volunteers are going hungry for Roxana across the United States and around the globe in countries like Egypt, England, Iran, Mexico, Italy and Kenya.

Volunteers can continue to sign up here throughout the hunger strike.

For a full list of volunteers, click here.

Media: Check out the press release.


3 thoughts on “FreeRoxana launches hunger strike

  1. I,m Egyptian Blogger, I would like to send my supporting and solidarity to roxana < I don,t know why the Iranian Regime put the free people in the world as vicims in it,s troubles and conflicts with USA
    I,ll make as I can acampaign here in Egypt for supporting Roxana and translate the stories of hunger strikes from English to arabic

  2. I hope international pressure will force Iranian Authorities to rethink about Roxana’s release and know that even people as far out as in India care for her well being. She is a fair and ethical journalist just doing her job and all charges against her are flimsy and concocted.We r with you Roxana!!

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