Member of defense team denied access to Evin

A member of Roxana’s defense team, Lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani, was prohibited from visiting her on Sunday even though permission had been previously granted, Reuters reported.


3 thoughts on “Member of defense team denied access to Evin

  1. I am going this morning to Czech TV (by invitation of news24 canal of Czeck TV) to comment the case of Roxana Saberi. I am absolutely convinced she is innocent and she is jailed as a victim od iranian game of politics of confrontation with rest of world. Its greatest shame of oficial Tehran to keep her in jail. She must be free as soon as possible. International negotiation has to be conducted without such cases as taking hostages for bargaining. Jan Petranek (77 years) – czech free lanced journalist, Prague

  2. I do hope Roxana is released. I also hope the United States releases all prisoners that we are holding without charge, while denying them proper legal representation.

    Let’s work to make this a just world where this can not happen to anyone.

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