E-mail from her mother

Roxana’s mother, Akiko Saberi, sent this e-mail to Medill Professor Jack Doppelt on Saturday.

Thank you for being there and with us.  Roxana also knows the whole world is with her by now. We (including Roxana) appreciate all your support.

Roxana hasn’t met her lawyer, since we met last Monday. The paperwork is still pending (This is Iran …).  Roxana’s hunger strike began on Thursday.

We are celebrating our birthday (4/25 and 4/26) this weekend in Tehran with our close friends.  People here are very kind and helpful to us.

Thank you again.

With LOVE from Tehran


5 thoughts on “E-mail from her mother

  1. please try to convince Roxana to not starve herself! She needs all her strength to fight this horrible injustice.

  2. This is really a shame for a regime to be scarred of the journalists! I pray for her to be strong and hope she would be released soon.

    May peace prevail on earth!


  3. Roxana: I pray for your freedom. I pray for justice for you and all people of the world. Be strong in God. Righteousness will prevail. God is good. I am your sister in Christ.


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