How to wish Roxana happy birthday

On Wednesday I spoke with Henry Newman, a friend and former classmate of Roxana’s in Iran.  He talks about Roxana’s intellectual fascination with her Iranian heritage, the difficulty of discerning what political machinery may be influencing the case, and her life inside Evin.

Listen to the interview with Henry Newman

Towards the end of our talk, Newman announced a special project.  This Sunday Roxana turns 32.  Newman and friends of Roxana’s have established an email account at in hopes of commemorating it.

Friends, journalists, colleagues and well-wishers all over the world are encouraged to email birthday greetings to this account.  Roxana’s parents will either physically bring to Evin a selection of these messages or can convey to her the supportive sentiments and warm greetings embodied in these correspondences.

Newman also published this insightful and trenchant piece in The Guardian on Monday.  It combines a personal attachment to the subject which is enhanced by an academic grasp of the complex country that is Iran.


6 thoughts on “How to wish Roxana happy birthday

  1. Hello Roxana and Happy Birthday…

    We think of you every day at KVLY and are hoping and praying for the quickest resolution of your case as possible. During your days as a reporter here, I remember your poise, your strength, your graciousness, your tenacity. I know you are drawing on those qualities right now, and will continue to do so until you can be released and come back home to Fargo-Moorhead.

    I’ll be saying a Happy Birthday prayer for you Sunday…

    Robin Huebner
    KVLY/KXJB, Fargo

  2. Hello Roxana, and Happy Birthday,

    Know that people all over the world are praying for you and will continue to do so until you are home safe.

    You are a person of great strengh in mind body and spirit.

  3. Hi Roxana, You have a wonderful Birthday! We are all thinking of you here in Williston North Dakota and are praying for your release and comming back home to us. Robert Volunteer for Miss North Dakota..

  4. Happy Birthday Roxana! They may be able to confine you physically but they cannot confine your thoughts, your mind. You will be free soon, you will be free very soon. The world is praying and working toward your release. My thoughts of support to your family.

  5. Happy birthday.I am from New Jersey and I wrote Senator Lautenberg and Congressman Adler To find out what they are doing about activating our representatives to gain your release.I also wrote an editorial in our local paper.It is heartening to see the support you are getting,God bless you.

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