NY Times blog holds forum on jailed journalists in Iran

The New York Times Room For Debate blog asked four people who have been jailed in Iran or who have worked with journalists who have been detained there to comment on their experiences. Read the remembrances of Iranian journalist Roozbeh Mirebrahimi, mortgage banker Ali Shakeri, president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Jeffrey Gedmin, and Joel Simon, the executive director of The Committee to Protect Journalists.


3 thoughts on “NY Times blog holds forum on jailed journalists in Iran

  1. Dear My Global Journalist Community and Readers,

    As similar professional I urge you to make pressure and defend to arrest and jail such journalist wherever in the world.Though its accused as pressed declaring spying but a journalist would do whatever on behalf of Press Freedom.Again I’d urge my global journalist community as like CPJ, ICJF,EJC,NPF, etc to reconsider Roxana’s case in favor as similar professionals.

    Mukti Majid
    The Monthly Muktidooth

  2. My dear friend Hengameh Shahid, an Iranian and Womens Human rights activist was arrested on the 30th June 2009 and is being held in the notoriusly violent ´Evin´ Prison in Tehran. Hengameh has been on hunger strike since the 25th of August to protest about her ill treatment, she has had several mock excecutions and has a heart condition which she needs medication for. PLEASE read about Hengameh Shahidi @: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=61551239981&ref=ts
    And PLEASE sign her petion @:
    Hengameh needs as many supporters as possible, she is facing excecution and time is running out.
    I sincerley Thankyou all,
    From her good friend in London, Nadia Alainia.

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