Secretary of State Clinton: 'She Should Be Freed Immediately'

QUESTION: Secretary Clinton, over the weekend, Iranian President Ahmadinejad spoke of the importance of Ms. Saberi getting full access to the legal process. His comments were echoed this morning by a senior Iranian judicial official who again talked about a just, speedy appeal for her. Do you sense in this any inkling that the Iranian authorities may be looking for a way to either reduce her sentence or perhaps free her entirely?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, Arshad, we believe she should be freed immediately, that the charges against her are baseless, and that she has been subjected to a process that has been nontransparent, unpredictable, arbitrary, and we hope that actions will be taken as soon as possible by the authorities in Iran, including the judiciary, to bring about the speedy release of Ms. Saberi and her return home.
So we obviously are closely monitoring the situation and working with the Swiss, who are our protectorate representative in the country, and hoping that these remarks lead to actions.

The full transcript is here.


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