National women's journalism organization releases statement

The Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS) joins journalists around the world in
condemning the imprisonment of Roxana Saberi at Evin prison in Tehran, Iran.

“The vague charges against Roxana Saberi and the secretive manner in
which Tehran has handled her case strongly suggest that she has been
falsely accused for political purposes,” the Journalism & Women
Symposium said in a statement Sunday.

“Saberi is guilty of nothing other than doing her job as a journalist,”
the statement continued. “As someone with dual citizenship in Iran and
the United States, Saberi is uniquely qualified to report the plain
truth from Iran for an international audience.

The Journalism & Women Symposium is a national organization that
promotes the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in
journalism. With a membership of more than 350 women journalists, JAWS
works toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society.


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