Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi to Defend Roxana

The Washington Post is reporting that Shirin Ebadi – the first Muslim woman to receive the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize – will defend Roxana Saberi as her case is presented before an Iranian appeals court.

“Our first priority will be to get Roxana out on bail, so we can prepare her defense for the appeal,” Nargess Mohammadi, deputy head of the office of Human Rights Defenders, Ebadi’s legal organization, said in an interview. The group was approached by Saberi’s father, Reza, who is in Tehran trying to secure the release of his 31-year-old daughter.

Although her situation remains bleak, momentum continues to build for Roxana. President Obama called for her release, as did the European Union presidency.


One thought on “Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi to Defend Roxana

  1. If my opinion counts, here are the main reasons why I sense Roxana Saberi is not an American spy:

    (1) she did her reporting out in the open, with her cameras and her amazing beauty – for all the world to see. She was looking to attract something to her, and I do not feel it was handcuffs;

    (2) her license to be a reporter was not renewed (not following local law is very bad and sloppy if you’re a spy);

    (3) mixed race family means ties in two countries (possibly would bar her from being a spy);

    (4) frankly, she’s too pretty to be a spy. She would be seen by superiors as someone who stands out in the crowd, which would be bad for a spy.

    Let this woman go and let’s make peace. I have lots of friends that I grew up with in S.F. and L.A. that are American Iranians, and they are very cool and loving people.

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