Iran cautions against aggressive criticism, cites jailed Iranians in America

Voice of America reported Monday that Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hasan Qashqavi said President Obama should not pass judgment without knowing the details of the case. He says he advises not to comment on a lawsuit until its content is revealed. He says fortunately the Iranian judicial system has paid full consideration to the process of retrieving rights, such as the right of appealing a verdict in higher judicial references, and this right has also been reserved for Ms. Saberi and her lawyer.

Responding to criticism Saberi had not been able to consult her attorney at all stages of her trial, Qashqavi insisted she would have access to him. He says that the ongoing judicial process regarding her case has been in full accordance with the law, and that includes granting her access to her lawyer.

Iran’s Press TV reported that Qashqavi also urged the United States to release five Iranians arrested by U.S. forces in Kurdistan in 2007. Iran claims that the five, who belong to the elite al-Quds Forces, were “abducted.”

Iran experts say Tehran has been trying to pressure the United States into releasing the men by arresting dual-national scholars and journalists. Iran is believed to be holding former FBI agent Robert Levinson, in addition to several Iranian-Americans.


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