Nobel laureate joins legal team, Iranian president steps into the fray, and statements of support for Roxana

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued a formal statement about Roxana’s case on Sunday wherein he called on the judiciary to ensure Roxana’s legal right to defend herself. The statement also applied to the case of detained Iranian-Canadian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, nicknamed “The Blogfather” for sparking a blogging revolution in Iran. Roxana’s lawyer Abdolsamad Khorramshahi said that Shirin Ebadi, Iran’s 2003 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, will join the legal defense team.

Simon Marks is the president and chief correspondent for Feature Story News, an English language news outlet in Iran. Marks posted this statement on the FSN reporters blog condemning the swift verdict and calling for more transparency.

In its Sunday broadcast, Good Morning America devoted a piece to Roxana featuring an interview with her father, Reza Saberi.

On Saturday, National Public Radio’s Scott Simon spoke with Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment and Robert Mahoney of the Committee to Protect Journalists about Roxana’s sentencing.

To all concerned Northwestern and Medill students, I’ve been informed a campus-wide rally is planned for Thursday so clear your schedules and stay tuned for logistical details. This is our chance to show all who are watching how much support Roxana has at her alma mater.

As the reader of this site can discern, many groups have expressed their support for Roxana, whether on this site or elsewhere. Friends of Roxana’s family have established a site at that features a message board on which anyone can show written support. The messages are archived so when Roxana is released she will be able to read these missives of solidarity and know she was not entirely alone.


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