Seth Stohs: Roxana and Stories that Matter

Seth Stohs on in a post, “Minor to Most, but Everything to Some“:

The Roxana Saberi story has been in the news since the Fargo native and freelance reporter in Iran was arrested in January. The details seem to be rather curious and uncertain yet, but it appears now that she is being charged with espionage, for being an informant for the United States. Saberi has dual citizenship. She is both and American and Iranian. Her father is from Iran. Her mother is from Japan. They were able to visit their daughter in jail in Iran this week.

Saberi graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, on the same day I did. Since we both have last names that start with S, we sat near each other at the commencement ceremony. I can’t say that I know her. I talked to her a few times over the course of four years of college, maybe had a couple of classes together. I had very little interaction with her and yet, the story has caught my attention.


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