Clinton Calls for Roxana's Release

Robert Mackey of The New York Times and other outlets reported Secretary of State Clinton’s call today for Roxana’s release. Mackey’s post provides a round-up of recent coverage and was kind enough to mention our blog.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Wednesday for Iran to release an American reporter, Roxana Saberi, who was detained in Tehran in January. Iranian news sources reported earlier on Wednesday that Ms. Saberi has been charged with espionage.

Reuters reports that Mrs. Clinton said that she was “deeply concerned” and called for the “speedy release” of Ms. Saberi. An Iranian judge, identified by the single name Heydarifard, told state television in Iran: “Journalism for this accused … was a cover to collect information and intelligence and transfer them to America’s intelligence service.” Mr. Heydarifard said Saberi would go on trial next week.


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