AP: Roxana 'upset and frustrated'

Dave Kolpack of the AP reported yesterday that Roxana’s father “says she is upset and frustrated that she is still being held in Iran, where she may be in prison for at least two more weeks while the government shuts down for the Iranian New Year.”

“Roxana doesn’t feel very well,” Saberi’s father, Reza, said Wednesday from his home in Fargo. “She’s very upset, frustrated and disappointed.”

Reza Saberi said he is worried the ordeal is taking a toll on his daughter’s health. He said he plans to write a letter to Iran’s supreme leader and work with members of the Japanese Embassy.

“Her mother is Japanese and the Japanese have good relations with Iran,” Saberi said. “We’ll see what they can do. All of this will take time.”

Reza Saberi said he had hoped for a breakthrough before the Iranian holiday.

“We don’t want anything to happen to our daughter. She’s young and she hasn’t had this kind of experience in life,” he said. “It’s hard on her. I’m worried she may have a nervous breakdown.”

The Iranian New Year, or Nowruz, begins on the first day of spring. It is celebrated for about two weeks, during which schools are often closed and many businesses and government organizations are half-open if at all.


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